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Results: Category "pattern\symmetry\sets" (Page 7)

Google Earth: Mathematical Art Forms
Mara Alagic and Glyn Rimmington
Bridges 2013 Pages 523–526
Edge Color Patterns in the Bead Truncated Icosahedron
Laura Shea
Bridges 2013 Pages 527–530
Point Symmetric Ribbon Patterns using a Hexagonal Motif from M.C. Escher
David Reimann
Bridges 2013 Pages 531–534
Minimalism, Math, and Biology
Bojana Ginn
Bridges 2013 Pages 535–538
How Do Symmetries Come To Children, and Vice Versa?
Barbora Kamrlova
Bridges 2013 Pages 539–542
Uncertainty of Structure, Quantity, and Space as our Reality
Irene Rousseau
Bridges 2013 Pages 567–570
Aesthetic Appeal of Magic Squares
Russell Jay Hendel
Bridges 2013 Pages 573–574
Mat Weaving: Towards the Möbius Band
Eva Knoll, Wendy Landry and Tara Taylor
Bridges 2013 Pages 579–586
Workshop: Make Your Own MP3 with “Algorhythmic” Generation and Aksak—Euclidean Synthesis
Mehmet Vurkaç
Bridges 2013 Pages 593–596
Printing by Rolling Möbius Band Stencils: Glide Reflection Embodied in Physical Action
Simon Morgan
Bridges 2013 Pages 603–610
A Fractal Wallhanging
Jay Kappraff
Bridges 2013 Pages 639–642
Bubbles and Tilings: Art and Mathematics
Frank Morgan
Bridges 2014 Pages 11–18
Modular Duotone Weaving Design
Abdalla G. M. Ahmed
Bridges 2014 Pages 27–34
The Planar Space Groups of Mamluk Patterns
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2014 Pages 35–42
Torus Knots with Polygonal Faces
Chern Chuang and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2014 Pages 59–64
The quaternion group as a symmetry group
Vi Hart and Henry Segerman
Bridges 2014 Pages 143–150
Geometric Study of Architectural Designs on a Twelfth Century Structure
Mahsa Kharazmi and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2014 Pages 175–182
Symmetry Groups of Islamic Patterns at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Glenn R. Laigo, Haftamu Menker GebreYohannes and Fahad Mohammed Humaid Al Khamisi
Bridges 2014 Pages 183–190
Juan Gris' Color Symmetries
James Mai
Bridges 2014 Pages 197–204
Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations
David Mitchell
Bridges 2014 Pages 211–218
From Mathematical Diagrams to Knotted Textiles
Nithikul Nimkulrat and Janette Matthews
Bridges 2014 Pages 219–224
Dancing Deformations
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2014 Pages 253–260
“LEGO®” Knots
Carlo H. Séquin and Michelle Galemmo
Bridges 2014 Pages 261–270
What is a Pattern?
Eva R. Toussaint and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2014 Pages 293–300
Toss and Spin Juggling State Graphs
Harri Varpanen
Bridges 2014 Pages 301–308
Taking a Point for a Walk: Pattern Formation with Self-Interacting Curves
David Chappell
Bridges 2014 Pages 337–340
Three Color “2 : 1 : 1” Designs
Darrah Chavey
Bridges 2014 Pages 341–344
An Introduction to Leaping Iterated Function Systems
Mingjang Chen
Bridges 2014 Pages 345–348
Color Symmetry in the Hand Woven Mats of the Jama Mapun
Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Peñas, Agnes Garciano and Debbie Marie Verzosa
Bridges 2014 Pages 357–360
Common Threads between Mathematics and Quilting
Elaine Ellison
Bridges 2014 Pages 361–364
Target Curves for Pick-up, Carry, and Drop Mobile Automata
Gary Greenfield
Bridges 2014 Pages 381–384
Mathematical Sequences and Artists' Books
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2014 Pages 385–388
A Plane-Filling Curve Using Ammann A5 Tiles
Richard Hassell
Bridges 2014 Pages 389–392
Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry: Divergence Patterns of Sinusoidal Vector Fields
Judy Holdener and Marie Snipes
Bridges 2014 Pages 409–412
Non-periodic Tiles Based on Ammann Set A2 Tiles
Chirag Mehta
Bridges 2014 Pages 425–428
Java Runes
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2014 Pages 429–432
Complex Polynomial Mandalas and their Symmetries
Konstantin Poelke, Zoi Tokoutsi and Konrad Polthier
Bridges 2014 Pages 433–436
Emergent Spirograph-like Patterns from Artificial Swarming
Jito Vanualailai
Bridges 2014 Pages 465–468
Forms from Minkowski Triples of Circles
Daniela Velichová
Bridges 2014 Pages 469–472
Fractional Beauty
Harrie Welles
Bridges 2014 Pages 473–476
Rhythm Similarity and Symbolic Dynamics
Terrence Richard Blackman and John Belcher
Bridges 2014 Pages 477–478
On Colouring Sequences of Digital Roots
Gabriele Gelatti
Bridges 2014 Pages 481–482
Amazing Labyrinths, Further Developments IV
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2014 Pages 483–484
Geometric Constructions of Korean Danchong Patterns and Building Platonic Solids
Kyongil Yoon, Hyunkyung Kim and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2014 Pages 525–532
The Geometric Studies of Some Mosaic Design Compositions and Puzzles Presented in a Historical Treatise
Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2015 Pages 27–36
Curved Islamic Star Patterns of Medieval Egypt and Syria
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2015 Pages 45–52
Double Strip Patterns: Between Strip Patterns and Wallpaper Patterns
Darrah Chavey, Monica Menzies Meissen, Todd O'Bryan and Glenn Terry
Bridges 2015 Pages 85–92
Real-World Tessellations
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2015 Pages 107–112
Math Bugs
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2015 Pages 137–142
Soccer Ball Symmetry
David Swart
Bridges 2015 Pages 151–158