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Results: Category "pattern\symmetry\sets" (Page 4)

Aesthetically Pleasing Azulejo Patterns
Russell Hendel
Bridges 2009 Pages 115–122
Coloring Uniform Honeycombs
Glenn Laigo, Ma. Louise Antonette N. De las Peñas and René Felix
Bridges 2009 Pages 131–138
Map-Colored Mosaics
Robert Bosch and Andrew Pike
Bridges 2009 Pages 139–146
The Unique Eleven-Pointed Star Polygon Design of the Topkapı Scroll
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2009 Pages 147–154
Composite Digital Mosaics using Duotone Tiles
Gary Greenfield
Bridges 2009 Pages 155–162
The Symmetry of “Circle Limit IV” and Related Patterns
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2009 Pages 163–168
Symmetry and Transformations in the Musical Plane
Vi Hart
Bridges 2009 Pages 169–176
Counterchange Patterns and Polyhedra
B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2009 Pages 177–182
Non-Flat Tilings with Flat Tiles
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2009 Pages 183–192
Growth Forms
George Hart
Bridges 2009 Pages 207–214
A Garden of Statistically Self-Similar Plants
Anne Burns
Bridges 2009 Pages 231–238
Real Tornado
Akio Hizume and Yoshikazu Yamagishi
Bridges 2009 Pages 239–242
A Group Portrait on a Surface of Genus Five
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2009 Pages 259–264
Spirograph Patterns and Circular Representations of Rhythm: Exploring Number Theory Concepts Through Visual, Tangible and Audible Representations
Susan Gerofsky, Francisco Gomez, David Rappaport and Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2009 Pages 279–286
On Constructing a Virtual Loom
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2009 Pages 287–292
Mathematical Experiments with African Sona Designs
Darrah Chavey
Bridges 2009 Pages 305–308
An Interdisciplinary First Seminar on Symmetry
Tamara Lakins
Bridges 2009 Pages 315–316
Amazing Labyrinths, further Amazing Labyrinths, further developments
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2009 Pages 321–322
Geometric Transformations in Surface Design Generation
Fatma Mete
Bridges 2009 Pages 331–332
Spelunking Adventure II: Combining Cyclons
Curtis Palmer
Bridges 2009 Pages 335–336
Mathematical Classroom Quilts
Elaine F. Ellison
Bridges 2009 Pages 341–342
Workshop: Working With Patterns To Introduce Mathematics Concepts To Young Children
Patricia Bentley
Bridges 2009 Pages 375–378
Transferring Patterns: From Twill to Peyote Stitch
Eva Knoll
Bridges 2009 Pages 409–412
Types of Repetition and Multistable Perception in the Frieze Patterns on the Marble Pavement of the Cathedral of Siena
Yang Liu and Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2010 Pages 43–50
My Search for Symmetrical Embeddings of Regular Maps
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2010 Pages 85–94
Some Three-dimensional Self-similar Knots
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2010 Pages 103–110
Strip Symmetry Groups of African Sona Designs
Darrah Chavey
Bridges 2010 Pages 111–118
Bourgoin's 14-Pointed Star Polygon Designs
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2010 Pages 135–142
From the Angle of Quasicrystals
Jean-Marc Castéra
Bridges 2010 Pages 215–222
Brunnian Weavings
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2010 Pages 263–270
Projection of Point Sets to a Lower Dimension with Applications in the Arts
György Darvas
Bridges 2010 Pages 279–286
The Vitruvian Figure of Eight
Joel C. Langer
Bridges 2010 Pages 287–292
A Fractal Celtic Key Pattern?
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2010 Pages 293–298
On Growth, Form and Yin-Yang
Michael Longuet-Higgins
Bridges 2010 Pages 323–328
Alhambra's Nazari Single Tile Patterns Guided Tour
Jesús Hernando
Bridges 2010 Pages 363–366
On Torsion Free Subgroups of $p32$ and Related Colored Tilings
Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas, Eden Delight B. Provido and René P. Felix
Bridges 2010 Pages 383–386
Cyclic Symmetric Multi-Scale Turing Patterns
Jonathan McCabe
Bridges 2010 Pages 387–390
Exploring Symmetry in Elementary Schools
Andreia Hall, Rosa Amélia Martins and Carlota Simões
Bridges 2010 Pages 423–426
Patterns from Archimedean Tilings Using Generalized Truchet Tiles Decorated with Simple Bézier Curves
David A. Reimann
Bridges 2010 Pages 427–430
Playing with the Möbius Band
Eleonóra Stettner
Bridges 2010 Pages 431–434
Review of a Cinema Film from the Perspective of Symmetry: “The Pillow Book”
Ferhan Kızıltepe
Bridges 2010 Pages 439–442
Ad Quadratum Ad Infinitum
Eliana Manuel Pinho
Bridges 2010 Pages 459–462
Models of Locally Regular Heptagonal Dodecahedra
David I. McCooey
Bridges 2010 Pages 479–482
African Basketry: Interweaving Art and Mathematics in Mozambique
Paulus Gerdes
Bridges 2011 Pages 9–16
Creating Two and Three Dimensional Fractals from the Nets of the Platonic Solids
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2011 Pages 25–32
A Mad Weave Tetrahedron
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2011 Pages 39–44
Abstract Overlays using a Transport Network Model
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2011 Pages 45–50
The Art of Complex Flow Diagrams
Anne Burns
Bridges 2011 Pages 51–58
Polyhedral Knots and Links
Slavik Jablan, Ljiljana Radović and Radmila Sazdanović
Bridges 2011 Pages 59–64
Abacaba! – Using a Mathematical Pattern to Connect Art, Music, Poetry and Literature
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2011 Pages 89–96