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Composable Art: Objects That Can Be Arranged in Many Ways
Marc van Kreveld
Bridges 2003 Pages 101–108
The Mathematics of Color-Reversing Decorative Friezes: Facades of Pirgí, Greece
David A. James, Loukas N. Kalisperis and Alice V. James
Bridges 2003 Pages 135–142
Computer-Aided Aesthetic Evaluation of Visual Patterns
Tomáš Staudek
Bridges 2003 Pages 143–150
Frieze-Generation Using Artificial Life
Dirk Fischer, Eric Goles and Mario Markus
Bridges 2003 Pages 151–160
A Unified Theory of Proportion
Jay Kappraff and Gary W. Adamson
Bridges 2003 Pages 161–172
Play with Infinity
Jean-Marc Castera
Bridges 2003 Pages 189–196
Finding the Dual of the Tetrahedral-Octahedral Space Filler
Eva Knoll and Simon Morgan
Bridges 2003 Pages 205–212
An Extended Mural for a House of Mathematics
Anna Campbell Bliss
Bridges 2003 Pages 273–282
NEC Polygonal Groups and Tessellations
Domingo Gámez, Miguel Pasadas, Rafael Pérez and Ceferino Ruiz
Bridges 2003 Pages 299–306
Dynamical Systems: A Golden Gate from Auditory Physiology to Musical Aesthetics?
Julyan H.E. Cartwright, Diego L. González, Oreste Piro and Domenico Stanzial
Bridges 2003 Pages 331–338
Quilts Inspired by Mathematics
Mary C. Williams
Bridges 2003 Pages 393–400
Magic Geometry: Mosaics in the Alhambra
Miroslav Lovric
Bridges 2003 Pages 423–432
The Mathematics of Quilting: A Quilter's Tacit Knowledge of Symmetry, Tiling and Group Theory
Katrina Hebb
Bridges 2003 Pages 511–520
Hyperbolic Spirals and Spiral Patterns
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2003 Pages 521–528
Symmetry and Trigonometry - Abstract
Steve Whealton
Bridges 2003 Pages 549–550
Cayley Tables as Quilt Designs - Abstract
Gwen L. Fisher and Elsa Medina
Bridges 2003 Pages 553–554
Duality: A Common Thread in Math, Science, Literature and Art? - Abstract
Michael de Villiers
Bridges 2003 Pages 555–556
Why Do Penrose Tilings Diffract? - Abstract
Robert V. Moody
Bridges 2003 Pages 565–566
Labyrinth as Myth, Metaphor and Model - Abstract
Jiyun Park
Bridges 2003 Pages 587–588
Anatomy of a Bud
Jay Kappraff
Bridges 2004 Pages 1–10
On the Topology of Celtic Knot Designs
Gwen Fisher and Blake Mellor
Bridges 2004 Pages 37–44
El Compás Flamenco: A Phylogenetic Analysis
J. Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Giovanna Farigu, Francisco Gómez, David Rappaport and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2004 Pages 61–70
Star Polygon Designs of La Alhambra's Wooden Ceilings
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2004 Pages 125–132
Glide Reflection and other Combined Transformations
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2004 Pages 141–148
Asymmetric Rhythms, Tiling Canons, and Burnside's Lemma
Rachel W. Hall and Paul Klingsberg
Bridges 2004 Pages 189–194
Inspired by Snowflakes: Constructing, Folding and Cutting Regular Paper Polygons to Create Art with Dihedral Symmetry
Gwen L. Fisher and Nicole Silkton
Bridges 2004 Pages 195–202
Fractal Patterns and Pseudo-tilings Based on Spirals
Rabert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2004 Pages 203–210
Hamiltonian Cycles on Symmetrical Graphs
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2004 Pages 211–222
Islamic Art at Doris Duke's Shangri La Playing with Form and Pattern
Carol Bier and David K. Masunaga
Bridges 2004 Pages 251–258
The Mathematics of Jazz
W. Douglas Maurer
Bridges 2004 Pages 273–280
Modularity in Medieval Persian Mosaics: Textual, Empirical, Analytical, and Theoretical Considerations
Reza Sarhangi, Slavik Jablan and Radmila Sazdanovic
Bridges 2004 Pages 281–292
Symmetry to Assembly
Mary Candace Williams
Bridges 2004 Pages 329–332
Applications for the Study of Tilings (Tile Composer - FonTiler - GridTiler) Using Combinatorics to Build Tiles Sets
Chris K. Palmer, Slavik Jablan and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2004 Pages 337–338
Measuring the Musical Vocabulary of the Traditional Nzakara Harpists
Barbra Gregory
Bridges 2004 Pages 339–340
Stephen Eberhart Memorial Quilt - A Proposal
Mary Candace Williams
Bridges 2004 Pages 349–350
Spiral Tilings with C-curves Using Combinatorics to Augment Tradition
Chris K. Palmer
Bridges 2005 Pages 37–46
Mathematical Measures of Syncopation
F. Gómez, A. Melvin, D. Rappaport and G.T. Toussaint
Bridges 2005 Pages 73–84
A Ukrainian Easter Egg Monument Stands for Thirty Years
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2005 Pages 109–116
Aspects of Symmetry in Arpachiyah Pottery
Duncan J. Melville
Bridges 2005 Pages 131–136
Abstract Art from a Model for Cellular Morphogenesis
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2005 Pages 137–142
Symmetry and the Sacred Date Palm in the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria
Sarah C. Melville
Bridges 2005 Pages 155–160
Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking - An Approach to Understanding Beauty
Carol Bier
Bridges 2005 Pages 219–226
Symmetry, Proportion and Scale: Tools for the Jacquard Designer and Weaver of Silk Velvet
Barbara Setsu Pickett
Bridges 2005 Pages 251–254
Aesthetic Aspects of Venn Diagrams
Barry Cipra, Peter Hamburger and Edit Hepp
Bridges 2005 Pages 339–342
Dynamics on Discrete Structures: A Dialog between Squares and Circles
Tiziana Giorgi and Robert Smits
Bridges 2005 Pages 343–344
Symmetries and Design Science: Two Graduate Courses for a Mathematics Education Program
Reza Sarhangi and Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2005 Pages 357–366
Symmetric Linear Constructions in Motion
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2005 Pages 403–410
Factor Group Transformations on Escher Patterns
Joshua Jacobs
Bridges 2005 Pages 457–462
Symmetrical Hamiltonian Manifolds on Regular 3D and 4D Polytopes
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2005 Pages 463–472
A Method for Illustrating Border and Wallpaper Patterns
Gwen L. Fisher
Bridges 2005 Pages 511–518