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Playing Mathematics and Doing Music
John Belcher
Bridges 2005 Pages 529–530
Cultural Insights from Symmetry Studies
Dorothy K. Washburn and Donald W. Crowe
Bridges 2006 Pages 19–24
Non-Euclidean Symmetry and Indra's Pearls
Caroline Series and David Wright
Bridges 2006 Pages 25–32
Creating Penrose-type Islamic Interlacing Patterns
John Rigby
Bridges 2006 Pages 41–48
Steve Reich's Clapping Music and the Yoruba Bell Timeline
Justin Collannino, Francisco Gómez and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2006 Pages 49–58
Bridging the gap - a Search for a Braid Language
Jacqui Carey
Bridges 2006 Pages 61–68
Symmetric Characteristics of Traditional Hawaiian Patterns: a Computer Model
Tony Cao and Jin-Ho Park
Bridges 2006 Pages 89–96
Portraits of Groups
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2006 Pages 131–134
A Braided Effort: A Mathematical Analysis of Compositional Options
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2006 Pages 137–144
Seville's Real Alcázar: Are All 17 Planar Crystallographic Groups Represented Here?
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2006 Pages 175–180
The Mechanical Drawing of Cycloids, The Geometric Chuck
Robert Craig
Bridges 2006 Pages 203–210
Sashiko: the Stitched Geometry of Rural Japan
Barbara Setsu Pickett
Bridges 2006 Pages 211–214
Patterns on the Genus-3 Klein Quartic
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2006 Pages 245–254
Constellations of Form: New Compositional Elements Related to Polyominoes
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2006 Pages 351–358
Inference and Design in Kuba and Zillij Art with Shape Grammars
Ramgopal Rajagopalan, Eric Hortop, Dania El-Khechen, Cheryl Kolak Dudek, Lydia Sharman, Fred Szabo, Thomas Fevens and Sudhir Mudhur
Bridges 2006 Pages 419–428
New Ways in Symmetry
María Francisca Blanco Martín and Elena Elvira Nieto
Bridges 2006 Pages 491–496
Islamic Art: An Exploration of Patterns
Carol Bier
Bridges 2006 Pages 525–532
Asymmetry in Persian Symmetrical Art and Architecture
Hourieh Mashayekh and Hayedeh Mashayekh
Bridges 2006 Pages 585–586
Some Monohedral Tilings Derived From Regular Polygons
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2007 Pages 9–14
Composite Diffusion Limited Aggregation Paintings
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2007 Pages 15–20
The Spirograph and Beyond
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2007 Pages 75–80
Entwined Circular Rings
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2007 Pages 81–90
Addled Tangles of Sanguine Language - an Eclectic Syncretic Syntactic Taxonomy
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2007 Pages 151–160
Structure and Form in the Design Curriculum
M.A. Hann and B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2007 Pages 161–168
Electrostatic Patterns in the Interior of a Circular Region
N.G. Nicolis
Bridges 2007 Pages 169–176
Golden Fractal Trees
T. D. Taylor
Bridges 2007 Pages 181–188
Patterned Polyhedra: Tiling the Platonic Solids
B.G. Thomas and M.A. Hann
Bridges 2007 Pages 195–202
Frieze Patterns of the Alhambra
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2007 Pages 203–208
Poverty and Polyphony: A Connection between Economics and Music
Rachel W. Hall and Dmitri Tymoczko
Bridges 2007 Pages 259–268
Shiva: Two Views of Burnside's Lemma at Work
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2007 Pages 289–296
Planar Symmetry with Turtles
James Dean Palmer
Bridges 2007 Pages 333–334
Fractal Knots Created by Iterative Substitution
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2007 Pages 335–342
Symmetric Embedding of Locally Regular Hyperbolic Tilings
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2007 Pages 379–388
A "Circle Limit III" Calculation
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2007 Pages 395–402
Amazing Labyrinths
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2007 Pages 405–412
Patterning by Projection:Tiling the Dodecahedron and other Solids
B.G. Thomas and M.A. Hann
Bridges 2008 Pages 101–108
From Sierpinski Triangle to Fractal Flowers
Anne M. Burns
Bridges 2008 Pages 117–122
Doyle Spiral Circle Packings Animated
Alan Sutcliffe
Bridges 2008 Pages 131–138
Counting the Number of Site Swap Juggling Patterns with Respect to Particular Ceilings
Carl Bracken
Bridges 2008 Pages 219–224
Manipulating Images with Fractal Julia Sets
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2008 Pages 243–250
Making Patterns on the Surfaces of Swing-Hinged Dissections
Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2008 Pages 251–258
Coxeter Groups in Colored Tilings and Patterns
Glenn R. Laigo, Ia Kristine D. Puzon and and Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas
Bridges 2008 Pages 311–318
Perspective Drawings of Lattices
Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Hop David
Bridges 2008 Pages 327–332
Teaching Group Theory Using Portraits of Groups
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2008 Pages 377–380
Pattern by Design – Not by Chance
M.A. Hann and B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2008 Pages 393–396
Using Binary Numbers in Music
Vi Hart
Bridges 2008 Pages 397–400
Koert Feenstra
Bridges 2008 Pages 421–424
Mathematics in Rangolee Art from India
Madhuri Bapat
Bridges 2008 Pages 429–432
Harmonious Dances
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2009 Pages 63–68
Combinatoria Poetica: Counting and Visualizing Rhyme Patterns in Sonnets
Hartmut F.W. Höft
Bridges 2009 Pages 79–86