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Results: Category "pattern\symmetry\sets" (Page 6)

Portraits of Groups in Three Dimensions
Jay Zimmerman and Kevin Zimmerman
Bridges 2012 Pages 413–414
Symmetry and Bivariate Splines
Tatyana Sorokina
Bridges 2012 Pages 421–424
Images and Illusions from Orthogonal Pairs of Ellipses
Hartmut F. W. Höft
Bridges 2012 Pages 447–448
Structural Qualities and Serial Construction of Tournament Braids
D. Jacob Wildstrom
Bridges 2012 Pages 463–466
Music Synthesis Based on Nonlinear Dynamics
Maximos A. Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Andreas Floros, Michael N. Vrahatis
Bridges 2012 Pages 467–470
Brand Values and the Perception of Symmetry
J. L. Marsden and B. G. Thomas
Bridges 2012 Pages 471–474
Using Star Polygons to Understand Cyclic Group Structure
Sandy Spitzer
Bridges 2012 Pages 479–480
Extension of Neo-Riemannian PLR-group to Seventh Chords
Boris Kerkez
Bridges 2012 Pages 485–488
Tiling and Weaving with Permutation Functions
Robert Hanson
Bridges 2012 Pages 527–528
Depression Glass and Nested Symmetry Groups
Darrah Chavey
Bridges 2012 Pages 539–542
A Novel Geometric Pattern Extraction by Means of a Level-Set Method
Maryam Rahnemoonfar and Afshin Asefpour Vakilian
Bridges 2012 Pages 543–544
Bead Crochet Bracelets: What Would Escher Do?
Ellie Baker and Susan Goldstine
Bridges 2012 Pages 567–572
Mathematical Synthesis and Making of Rope Mats and Rosettes
Nils Kr. Rossing
Bridges 2012 Pages 573–574
Evolve Your Own Basket
James Mallos
Bridges 2012 Pages 575–580
Using Technology to Explore the Geometry of Navajo Weavings
Mary Kay Kirchner and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2012 Pages 581–588
Creating Non-Systematic Islamic Geometric Patterns with Complex Combinations of Star Forms
Jay Bonner
Bridges 2012 Pages 593–598
Exploring Braids through Dance: The ``Waves of Tory'' Problem
Andrea Hawksley
Bridges 2012 Pages 613–618
Math and Dance---Windmills and Tilings and Things
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2012 Pages 619–622
Musical Composition Without Standard Musical Knowledge
Ana Pereira do Vale
Bridges 2012 Pages 629–636
Patterns for Skew Mad Weave Polyhedra
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2013 Pages 13–18
Ant Paintings Based on the Seed Foraging Behavior of P. barbatus
Gary Greenfield
Bridges 2013 Pages 43–48
A Comparative Geometric Analysis of the Patterns Found on the Pavement Mosaics of the Chedworth Roman Villa
Stephanie Toussaint
Bridges 2013 Pages 55–62
Tatami Maker: A Combinatorially Rich Mechanical Game Board
Alejandro Erickson
Bridges 2013 Pages 63–70
Fractal Islamic Geometric Patterns Based on Arrangements of {n/2} Stars
Phil Webster
Bridges 2013 Pages 87–94
Antisymmetrical Palindromes in Traditional European and Contemporary Russian Poetry
Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya
Bridges 2013 Pages 103–110
From Path-Segment Tiles to Loops and Labyrinths
Robert Bosch, Sarah Fries, Mäneka Puligandla and Karen Ressler
Bridges 2013 Pages 119–126
The Art of Geometry
Daniela Velichová
Bridges 2013 Pages 143–150
Math Runes
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2013 Pages 191–198
Geometric Analysis of Forumad Mosques' Ornament
Mahsa Kharazmi and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2013 Pages 199–206
Cross-Caps—Boy Caps—Boy Cups
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2013 Pages 207–216
The Planar Crystallographic Groups Represented at the Alhambra
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2013 Pages 225–232
Knot Designs Based on the Hexagonal Rosette
Taneli Luotoniemi
Bridges 2013 Pages 249–254
AA Weaving
Abdalla G.M. Ahmed
Bridges 2013 Pages 263–270
Unfolding Symmetric Fractal Trees
Bernat Espigulé Pons
Bridges 2013 Pages 295–302
Custom 3D-Printed Rollers for Frieze Pattern Cookies
Robert Hanson and George Hart
Bridges 2013 Pages 311–316
Grid-based decorative corners
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2013 Pages 317–324
Escher Patterns on Triply Periodic Polyhedra
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2013 Pages 331–336
Wallpaper Designs of Mirror Curves Inspired by African Sona
Darrah Chavey
Bridges 2013 Pages 345–352
Following the Footsteps of Daedalus: Labyrinth Studies Meets Visual Mathematics
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Slavik Jablan and Ljiljana Radović
Bridges 2013 Pages 361–368
The Moore-Penrose Inverse in Art
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2013 Pages 377–382
Kolmogorov's Question
Elaine Krajenke Ellison
Bridges 2013 Pages 397–398
Circle Packing Explorations
Francesco De Comité
Bridges 2013 Pages 399–402
Spirolateral-Type Images from Integer Sequences
Kerry Mitchell
Bridges 2013 Pages 403–406
Braids: A Mathematics Documentary
Ester Dalvit
Bridges 2013 Pages 415–418
Form-Finding Experiments with Resilient Cyclic Knots
Dmitri Kozlov
Bridges 2013 Pages 419–422
Constructing and Applying the Fractal Pied de Poule (Houndstooth)
Loe M.G. Feijs and Marina Toeters
Bridges 2013 Pages 429–432
Symmetry in Mathematics, Physics and Art
Jean Constant
Bridges 2013 Pages 461–464
Up Suprematism to the “supreMADIsm” on Saxon's Paintings
János Szász Saxon
Bridges 2013 Pages 465–468
Color patterns in Bull by Vasarely
Zsófia Ruttkay, Tamás Páll, Jelena Viskovic and Litza Juhász
Bridges 2013 Pages 479–482
Iterating Borromean Rings on a Sphere
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2013 Pages 483–486