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Results: Category "math\logic" (Page 5)

Chaos – The Movie
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2009 Pages 345–346
The Frustrated Mathematician
Michael Frantz
Bridges 2009 Pages 347–348
An Optical Demonstration of Fractal Geometry
Billy C. Scannell, Ben Van Dusen and R.P. Taylor
Bridges 2009 Pages 349–350
Chaos, Complexity, and Creativity
Krystyna Laycraft
Bridges 2009 Pages 355–362
Exploring Some of the Mathematical Properties of Chains
Eva Knoll and Tara Taylor
Bridges 2009 Pages 379–382
Workshop on The Fusion Project: Bridging Art Museums and Middle School Math Teachers
Benjamin Wells and Philip Wagner
Bridges 2009 Pages 395–402
Visual and Logical Beauty in Mathematics
László Lovász
Bridges 2010 Pages 2–2
Poetry Inspired by Mathematics
Sarah Glaz
Bridges 2010 Pages 35–42
About Weaving and Helical Holes
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2010 Pages 75–84
Creating and Modifying Images Using Newton's Method for Solving Equations
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2010 Pages 183–190
Using Mathematics in Art
Michael Field
Bridges 2010 Pages 191–198
Regular Polyhedral Lattices of Genus 2: 11 Platonic Equivalents?
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2010 Pages 199–206
Expanding the Mandelbrot Set into Higher Dimensions
Javier Barrallo
Bridges 2010 Pages 247–254
Everything is Number—Mathematics Meets Arts
Carsten Miller
Bridges 2010 Pages 329–334
Aesthetic and Mathematical Research: A Comparism with two Examples
Tim Boykett
Bridges 2010 Pages 359–362
Beautiful Homework: The Artists' Critique Group in the Mathematics Classroom
Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2010 Pages 371–374
Parabolic Connections: Linking History, Art, Acoustics, and Mathematics
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2010 Pages 375–378
Mathematical Models for Argentine Tango
Carla Farsi
Bridges 2010 Pages 415–418
Creating Cartoon Images with Functions: A Pedagogical Project
M. G. Marques and M. Pires
Bridges 2010 Pages 435–438
Chaos, Noise, Randomness and Coincidence as Constitutional for Generative Art
Mike Kostner, Franz Schubert and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Bridges 2010 Pages 467–470
Seeing with the Mind: from the Matrix into the Cloud
Pedro Campos and Ana Isabel Portugal
Bridges 2010 Pages 471–474
Mandel-Bach Journey: A Marriage of Musical and Visual Fractals
Harlan J. Brothers
Bridges 2010 Pages 475–478
The Sunflower Spiral and the Fibonacci Metric
Henry Segerman
Bridges 2010 Pages 483–486
Classification and Comparison of Different Folk Music Traditions Using Self Learning Algorithms
Zoltán Juhász
Bridges 2010 Pages 487–490
Matière of Painting Analyzed by Wavelet Transform
Toshihiro Bando, Masamichi Kobayashi, Yuri Sakurai
Bridges 2010 Pages 491–492
Use of Pseudo Functions in Digital Creation
Philippe Bootz
Bridges 2010 Pages 501–502
Mathematical Balloon Twisting for Education
Vi Hart
Bridges 2010 Pages 515–522
Workshop on Mathematics and Dance
Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern
Bridges 2010 Pages 551–554
Programming for Artists with Processing
Zsófia Ruttkay
Bridges 2010 Pages 555–558
Using Roller Coasters to Bridge Mathematics, Science and the Arts
Janka Szilágyi and Jill Zarazinski
Bridges 2010 Pages 559–560
The Poetry of Prime Numbers
Sarah Glaz
Bridges 2011 Pages 17–24
A New Kind of Three-Dimensional Anamorphosis
Francesco De Comité
Bridges 2011 Pages 33–38
The Art of Complex Flow Diagrams
Anne Burns
Bridges 2011 Pages 51–58
Abacaba! – Using a Mathematical Pattern to Connect Art, Music, Poetry and Literature
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2011 Pages 89–96
Photographic Fractal Trees
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2011 Pages 105–112
Sentinels: Sculptures Inspired by the Native Americans' Culture
Jim R. Paulsen and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2011 Pages 113–120
Algorithmic Fluid Imagery
Mark J. Stock
Bridges 2011 Pages 155–162
Rigge Envelopes as Art Inspiration
John Sharp
Bridges 2011 Pages 171–178
Sudoku Art
Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2011 Pages 187–194
Smooth Self-Similar Curves
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2011 Pages 209–216
Operation Comics: The Story Continues
Bruce Kessler, Janet Tassell and Tressa Tullis
Bridges 2011 Pages 225–232
A Formal Approach for High-Level Automatic Rhythm Generation
George Sioros and Carlos Guedes
Bridges 2011 Pages 233–240
Phi Divisions of the Square: a Categorization of Composition Strategies
James Mai
Bridges 2011 Pages 241–248
Opt Art: Special Cases
Robert Bosch
Bridges 2011 Pages 249–256
“Without Emotion, There Is Nothing Left But Burden”: Teaching Mathematics Through Heathcote's Improvisational Drama
Susan Gerofsky
Bridges 2011 Pages 329–336
Performing Mathematical Magic
Fernando Blasco
Bridges 2011 Pages 351–356
At What Level Do Mathematical References Act In Contemporary Architecture?
M. Paula Serra De Oliveira and Francesco Marconi
Bridges 2011 Pages 431–434
20 Seconds Into the Future: Narrative Space for Maths Motivations
Tim Boykett, Tina Auer and Andreas Mayrhofer
Bridges 2011 Pages 435–438
Mathematical Furniture
Peter Meijer
Bridges 2011 Pages 439–442
Story Telling with a Mathematical Flavor
Andreia Hall
Bridges 2011 Pages 475–478