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Results: Category "math\logic" (Page 3)

Pedagogical Principles for Teaching Art in Mathematics Courses
Russell Jay Hendel
Bridges 2005 Pages 119–120
(Vector) Fields of Mathematical Poetry
Carla Farsi
Bridges 2005 Pages 129–130
Detecting Meter in Recorded Music
Joseph E. Flannick, Rachel W. Hall and Robert Kelly
Bridges 2005 Pages 195–202
Looking At Math: Using Art to Teach Mathematics
Pau Atela
Bridges 2005 Pages 231–236
Circular Distributions and Spectra Variations in Music, How Even is Even?
Richard J. Krantz and Jack Douthett
Bridges 2005 Pages 255–262
Illustrating Number Sequences
L. Kerry Mitchell
Bridges 2005 Pages 263–268
Craig S. Kaplan and Robert Bosch
Bridges 2005 Pages 301–308
Two and Three-Dimensional Art Inspired by Polynomiography
Bahman Kalantari
Bridges 2005 Pages 321–328
Wisdom in Art: Mathematics in Islamic Architecture in Iran
Hourieh Mashayekh
Bridges 2005 Pages 331–336
NAMAN: Dream Altars, Vietnam: A Search for use of the Golden Mean and its Affect on Design and Content
Michael McConnell and Jim Rose
Bridges 2005 Pages 337–338
Aesthetic Aspects of Venn Diagrams
Barry Cipra, Peter Hamburger and Edit Hepp
Bridges 2005 Pages 339–342
z-Irrationality search: After a Golden Section Approach, Another Esthetic but Vain Attempt
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2005 Pages 347–348
Aliasing Artifacts and Accidental Algorithmic Art
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2005 Pages 349–356
Golden Fields, Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, and Chaotic Matrices
Jay Kappraff, Slavik Jablan, Gary Adamson and Radmila Sazdanovich
Bridges 2005 Pages 369–378
Space from Nonspace: Emergent Spatiality in Dynamic Graphs
Tim Boykett
Bridges 2005 Pages 379–380 Computers, Mathematics and Art
Phillip Kent
Bridges 2005 Pages 383–384
Connecting Gross-motor Movement, Dance, and Mathematics in the Elementary Curriculum
Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford
Bridges 2005 Pages 521–522
Illuminating Chaos - Art on Average
Mike Field
Bridges 2006 Pages 59–60
Sand Drawings and Gaussian Graphs
Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Perouz Taslakian and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2006 Pages 79–88
Minkowski Sums and Spherical Duals
John M. Sullivan
Bridges 2006 Pages 117–122
Mathematics and the Architecture: The Problem and Theory in Pre-Modern Cultures
Zafer Sagdic
Bridges 2006 Pages 269–276
Ant Paintings using a Multiple Pheromone Model
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2006 Pages 319–326
Photography and the Understanding Mathematics
Richard Phillips
Bridges 2006 Pages 411–418
Mathematics and Music - Models and Morals
Meurig Beynon
Bridges 2006 Pages 437–444
Visualizing Escape Paths in the Mandelbrot Set
Anne M. Burns
Bridges 2006 Pages 511–516
The Math of Art: Exploring Connections between Math and Color Theory
Amina Buhler-Allen
Bridges 2006 Pages 517–520
Celtic Knotwork and Knot Theory
Patricia Wackrill
Bridges 2006 Pages 521–524
Musical Scales, Integer Partitions, Necklaces, and Polygons
David Rappaport
Bridges 2006 Pages 595–598
On Mathematics, Music and Autism
Ioan James
Bridges 2006 Pages 605–610
Mathematics and Symmetry: A Bridge to Understanding
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2007 Pages 59–66
A Proposal for the Classification of Mathematical Sculpture
Ricardo Zalaya Báez
Bridges 2007 Pages 67–74
2D and 3D Animation Using Rotations of a Jordan Curve
Peter Hamburger, Edit Hepp and Richard Wartell
Bridges 2007 Pages 91–98
Mathematical Models for Binarization and Ternarization of Musical Rhythm
Francisco Gómez, Imad Khoury, Jörg Kienzle, Erin McLeish, Andrew Melvin, Rolando Pérez-Fernández, David Rappaport and Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2007 Pages 99–108
A "Sound" Approach to Fourier Transforms: Using Music to Teach Trigonometry
Bruce Kessler
Bridges 2007 Pages 135–142
Magritte: Analogies in Mathematical Reasoning
Rozhkovskaya Natasha
Bridges 2007 Pages 143–146
Ricochet Compositions
I.A. de Kok, T. Lucassen and Zs. Ruttkay
Bridges 2007 Pages 177–180
Golden Fractal Trees
T. D. Taylor
Bridges 2007 Pages 181–188
A Simple Procedure to Generate Curves and Surfaces
Alan Sutcliffe
Bridges 2007 Pages 217–224
The Ideal Vacuum: Visual Metaphors for Algebraic Concepts
Jessica K. Sklar
Bridges 2007 Pages 241–246
Painting by the Numbers: A Porter Postscript
Chris Bartlett
Bridges 2007 Pages 253–258
Fractal Knots Created by Iterative Substitution
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2007 Pages 335–342
Fractal Art: Closer to Heaven? Modern Mathematics, the art of Nature, and the nature of Art
Charalampos Saitis
Bridges 2007 Pages 369–376
Understanding Math via Arts, Creating Arts via Math
Mara Alagic and Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2007 Pages 423–424
Math/Art Projects
Ann Hanson
Bridges 2007 Pages 431–432
Using Art to Teach Maths, Using Maths to Create Art
Julie Dobson and Jenny Gage
Bridges 2007 Pages 445–452
The Sculpture Manifold: A Band from a Surface, a Surface from a Band
Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke M. Osinga and and Benjamin Storch
Bridges 2008 Pages 9–14
Color Mixing using Colliding Particles
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2008 Pages 15–20
The Catenary: Art, Architecture, History, and Mathematics
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2008 Pages 47–54
Mathematical Beauty in Architecture
Huib Koman, Stephan Luijks and and Arno Pronk
Bridges 2008 Pages 55–62
The Brachistochrone Problem between Euclidean and Hyperbolic
Robert Smits
Bridges 2008 Pages 87–92