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Results: Category "math\logic" (Page 8)

The Beauty of an Archetype: Prime Numbers
Carla Farsi and Fabio Rovai
Bridges 2014 Pages 365–368
Design of a nature-like fractal celebrating warp knitting
Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters, Jun Hu and Jihong Liu
Bridges 2014 Pages 369–372
Target Curves for Pick-up, Carry, and Drop Mobile Automata
Gary Greenfield
Bridges 2014 Pages 381–384
Mathematical Sequences and Artists' Books
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2014 Pages 385–388
Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry: Divergence Patterns of Sinusoidal Vector Fields
Judy Holdener and Marie Snipes
Bridges 2014 Pages 409–412
The Genius as a Characterization of the Creative Spirit in Mathematics and the Arts
Gizem Karaali
Bridges 2014 Pages 413–416
Java Runes
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2014 Pages 429–432
Complex Polynomial Mandalas and their Symmetries
Konstantin Poelke, Zoi Tokoutsi and Konrad Polthier
Bridges 2014 Pages 433–436
Generating a “3D” Image from One Continuous 2D Curve
Mayer D. Schwartz
Bridges 2014 Pages 445–448
Seeing a Fundamental Theorem
Bruce Torrence
Bridges 2014 Pages 457–460
Emergent Spirograph-like Patterns from Artificial Swarming
Jito Vanualailai
Bridges 2014 Pages 465–468
Fractional Beauty
Harrie Welles
Bridges 2014 Pages 473–476
On Colouring Sequences of Digital Roots
Gabriele Gelatti
Bridges 2014 Pages 481–482
A Binary Dance Workshop
Andrea Hawksley
Bridges 2014 Pages 497–502
Permutations of the Octagon: An Aesthetic-Mathematical Dialectic
James Mai
Bridges 2015 Pages 69–76
Laser-Cut Plywood and Cable-Tie Sculptures
George Hart
Bridges 2015 Pages 77–84
A Divine Error
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2015 Pages 93–98
Figurative Tours and Braids
Robert Bosch and Tom Wexler
Bridges 2015 Pages 121–128
A Theoretical Framework to Represent Narrative Structures for Visual Storytelling
Ergun Akleman, Stefano Franchi, Devkan Kaleci, Laura Mandell, Takashi Yamauchi and Derya Akleman
Bridges 2015 Pages 129–136
Math Bugs
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2015 Pages 137–142
The Golden Spiral: The Genesis of a Misunderstanding
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2015 Pages 159–166
Fractal Wallpaper Patterns
Douglas Dunham and John Shier
Bridges 2015 Pages 183–190
“In an Ocean of Ashes”: Order and Chaos in Mathematics and Literature
Katharine Ahrens
Bridges 2015 Pages 191–198
Self-Avoiding Random Walks Yielding Labyrinths
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2015 Pages 247–252
A View of Music
Ellen Gethner, Shannon Steinmetz and Joseph Verbeke
Bridges 2015 Pages 289–294
Designing 2D Ordinary Differential Equations To Obtain Abstract Paintings, Illustrations and Animations
Ergun Akleman and Hüseyin Koçak
Bridges 2015 Pages 309–316
The Curious Creativity of John Horton Conway
Siobhan Roberts
Bridges 2015 Pages 317–322
The Musical Canon Inside Differential Equations
Donald Spector
Bridges 2015 Pages 323–330
Exploring the Manifold of Image Patches
Yevgen Matviychuk and Shannon M. Hughes
Bridges 2015 Pages 339–342
Flowing, Organic Forms Using Adaptive Line-Drawing Agents
David Chappell
Bridges 2015 Pages 343–346
Programmable Mathe-Musical Boxes
Rachel Wells Hall
Bridges 2015 Pages 351–354
Two-Frame Animations in Conway's Game of Life
Robert Bosch
Bridges 2015 Pages 355–358
The “ΦTOP”: A Golden Ellipsoid
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2015 Pages 371–374
The Geometric Structure of Scribal Variation among Manuscripts of Langland's Piers Plowman
Roger Bilisoly
Bridges 2015 Pages 375–378
Surfaces with Natural Ridges
David Brander and Steen Markvorsen
Bridges 2015 Pages 379–382
Katzengold: Pyrite, Plato, and a Polynomial
Stephan Klaus and Bianca Violet
Bridges 2015 Pages 395–398
A Concept Map for Book 1 of Euclid's Elements
Alexander Boxer and Justace Clutter
Bridges 2015 Pages 403–406
A Musical Scale Generated from the Ratio of Consecutive Primes
Reginald Bain
Bridges 2015 Pages 407–410
Design Anamorphosis in the Math Class!
Kristóf Fenyvesi and Markus Hähkiöniemi
Bridges 2015 Pages 415–418
Fractal Tiling Illustrations of Geometric Series
Lorelei Koss
Bridges 2015 Pages 423–426
Monte Carlo Art Using Scratch
Patrick Honner
Bridges 2015 Pages 431–434
Random Walks on Vertices of Archimedean Tilings
Vincent J. Matsko
Bridges 2015 Pages 439–442
From Mathematical Curves to Decorative Ornaments
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2015 Pages 451–454
An Exhibition of Exponential Sums: Visualizing Supercharacters
Paula Burkhardt, Gabriel Currier, Stephan Ramon Garcia, Mathieu de Langis, Bob Lutz and Hong Suh
Bridges 2015 Pages 475–478
A New Way to See Inside Black Holes
Richard Conn Henry, James Overduin and Kielan Wilcomb
Bridges 2015 Pages 479–482
A Successful Belgian Art & Math Exhibition with Workshops
Gisèle De Meur and Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2015 Pages 495–498
Bridges Exhibits as Incentives to Collaborative Artworks
Anusch Bayens, Carlo De Pauw, Carmen Geens, Seniz Karaman, Mark Pieters, André Thomas, Alex Van Bogaert, Samuel Verbiese, Rudi Willaert and Nico Willemsens
Bridges 2015 Pages 499–502
Linguistic Oddities: An Artist Explorer at Mathematics Conferences
Katie McCallum
Bridges 2015 Pages 503–506
3D Lenticular Imaging for Art
Yitzhak Weissman
Bridges 2015 Pages 507–510
The Shapes of Our Souls and Other Student Concerns: Poems about the Course “Mathematics in Literature”
Marion Deutsche Cohen
Bridges 2015 Pages 511–514