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Results: Category "math\logic" (Page 2)

Mathematics and the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Daniel F. Daniel
Bridges 2001 Pages 255–260
Some Common Themes in Visual Mathematical Art
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2001 Pages 261–270
Weaving Beyond Fibonacci
Mary C. Williams
Bridges 2001 Pages 307–312
Musical Acoustics and Continued Fractions - Abstract
Richard Krantz and Jack Douthett
Bridges 2001 Pages 323–323
GeomeTreks: A Mathematical Art Odyssey - Abstract
Ivars Peterson
Bridges 2001 Pages 332–332
Rhyming Reason: The Incorporation of Mathematics into Nursery Rhymes - Abstract
Tara M. Dunphy
Bridges 2001 Pages 333–333
Sona Sand Drawings and Permutation Groups - Abstract
Mark D. Schlatter
Bridges 2001 Pages 334–334
The Linear Diophantine Equation in Music Theory - Abstract
Jack Douthett and Richard Krantz
Bridges 2001 Pages 339–339
Mathematical Poetry - Abstract
Kaz Maslanka
Bridges 2001 Pages 343–344
A Mathematical Look at the 7 Liberal Arts as "Humanities" - Abstract
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2001 Pages 346–346
The Endless Wave
Bob Brill
Bridges 2002 Pages 55–66
Layering Fractal Elements to Create Works of Art
Janet Parke
Bridges 2002 Pages 99–108
An Introduction to Polynomiography - Abstract
Bahman Kalantari
Bridges 2002 Pages 116–116
Art in Perspective: A Making Connections Cluster at Clarion University
Stephen I. Gendler and James Robert Rose
Bridges 2002 Pages 135–142
A Mathematical Analysis of African, Brazilian, and Cuban Clave Rhythms
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2002 Pages 157–168
The Knight's Tour Problem as a Conceptual Tool for Interdisciplinary Studies
Ronald R. Brown
Bridges 2002 Pages 169–180
Exploring the Effect of Direction on Vector-Based Fractals
Magdy Ibrahim and Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2002 Pages 213–219
Choosing Diagrams for the Book of Beautiful Mathematical Diagrams - Abstract
Samuel S. Kutler
Bridges 2002 Pages 220–220
Anne Bulckens' Analysis of the Proportions of the Parthenon and its Meanings
Jay Kappraff
Bridges 2002 Pages 221–226
Exploring Algebra with Creative Designs - Abstract
Iftikhar Husain
Bridges 2002 Pages 234–234
The Rootsellers - Retelling the Galois Group of Quartic Polynomial
Benjamin Wells
Bridges 2002 Pages 235–246
Mathematics for Those Who Hate Mathematics
Julianne M. Labbiento
Bridges 2002 Pages 247–255
Sentences on the Aesthetics of Mathematics and Art - Abstract
Kaz Maslanka
Bridges 2002 Pages 256–256
A Museum Dedicated to the Concept of Harmony and the Golden Section
Alexey Stakhov and Anna Sluchenkova
Bridges 2002 Pages 269–276
A Mathematical Look at the 7 Liberal Arts as Humanities
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2002 Pages 285–292
On the Shapes of Water Fountains and Times Tables - Abstract
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2002 Pages 314–314
Real Kecak Systems - Abstract
Akio Hizume
Bridges 2002 Pages 319–319
Mathematical Sculpture Classification
Ricardo Zalaya and Javier Barallo
Bridges 2003 Pages 53–60
Mathematics in Literature
Lorna B. Hanes
Bridges 2003 Pages 109–118
Dimension of Time in Strange Attractors
Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2003 Pages 119–126
A Unified Theory of Proportion
Jay Kappraff and Gary W. Adamson
Bridges 2003 Pages 161–172
The Art in Polynomiography of Special Polynomials
Bahman Kalantari
Bridges 2003 Pages 173–180
The Poincaré Surprises
Claude-Paul Bruter
Bridges 2003 Pages 257–264
An Extended Mural for a House of Mathematics
Anna Campbell Bliss
Bridges 2003 Pages 273–282
Hidden Geometry in Music of Bach and Schoenberg: Reflection, Rotation, Proportion
Johnathan Saggau
Bridges 2003 Pages 283–290
On the Shapes of Water Fountains and Times Tables
Stephen Eberhart
Bridges 2003 Pages 361–366
Mathematical Bridges to Philosophy and Theology
Douglas Norton
Bridges 2003 Pages 375–382
My Use of Number Sequence and Geometry in Art - Abstract
Kathleen Hyndman
Bridges 2003 Pages 567–568
From Hot Spots to High School Geometry and Calculus
Tiziana Giorgi and Robert Smits
Bridges 2004 Pages 79–86
Permuting Heaven and Earth: Painted Expressions of Burnside's Theorem
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2004 Pages 95–102
The Reflected Binary Gray Code Transform
Steve Whealton
Bridges 2004 Pages 149–156
Using a Fractal Program to Model Vortical Flows
L. Kerry Mitchell and Janet Parke
Bridges 2004 Pages 173–180
Hamiltonian Cycles on Symmetrical Graphs
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2004 Pages 211–222
Mathematical Magic
Arthur T. Benjamin
Bridges 2004 Pages 259–264
The Ghostly Imagery of Strange Attractors
Robert J. Krawczyk
Bridges 2004 Pages 333–334
Spiral Tilings with C-curves Using Combinatorics to Augment Tradition
Chris K. Palmer
Bridges 2005 Pages 37–46
The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2005 Pages 47–56
Malekula Sand Tracings: A Case in Ethnomathematics
Marcia Ascher
Bridges 2005 Pages 57–64
Mathematical Analogy and Metaphorical Insight
Jan Zwicky
Bridges 2005 Pages 85–92
Beauty in Art and Mathematics: A Common Neural Substrate or the Limits of Language?
Daniel J. Goldstein
Bridges 2005 Pages 93–100