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Results: Category "math\logic" (Page 9)

Into the Shadows: Approximating Images by Orthogonal Projection
Kelly Delp and Sam Lloyd
Bridges 2015 Pages 515–518
Exploring Ratios and Sequences with Mathematically Layered Beverages
Andrea Johanna Hawksley
Bridges 2015 Pages 519–524
Math-Infused Art Lessons, Art-Infused Math Lessons
Rachelle Guernsey
Bridges 2015 Pages 525–532
The Aesthetics of Scale: Weaving Mathematical Understandings
Eva Knoll, Wendy Landry, Tara Taylor, Paul Carreiro and Susan Gerofsky
Bridges 2015 Pages 533–540
Lissajus Curves: an Experiment in Creative Coding
Lali Barrière
Bridges 2015 Pages 549–554
Thinking like a Pianist/Mathematician/Potter-Designer: Strategies for Tuning Ocarinas
Elizabeth Paley
Bridges 2015 Pages 559–562
Use of RangoLee Art in Elementary Mathematics Education
Madhuri Bapat
Bridges 2015 Pages 563–566
Mathematics Through the Lens of a Kaleidoscope: A Student Centered Approach to Building Bridges between Mathematics and Art
Gail Kaplan, Rachael Gross and Kim McComas
Bridges 2015 Pages 573–580
Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics Meets Art and Architecture
Kirsi Peltonen
Bridges 2016 Pages 1–8
World as Numbers: Living in an Algorithmic Culture
Raine Koskimaa
Bridges 2016 Pages 9–14
Immersion in Mathematics
Judy Holdener
Bridges 2016 Pages 25–32
Fostering Creativity in the Teaching of Mathematics with Project Based Learning
Javier Barrallo Calonge and Luis Martín Yagüe
Bridges 2016 Pages 57–64
The Size and Shape of Utopia
Andrew Simoson
Bridges 2016 Pages 65–70
Visual Arts and Mathematics Education: Looking for Integrative Phenomena
Mirka Havinga and Päivi Portaankorva-Koivisto
Bridges 2016 Pages 79–86
Mathematics Learning through Arts and Collaborative Problem-Solving: The Princess and the Diamond-Problem
Markus Hähkiöniemi, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Johanna Pöysä-Tarhonen, Mirja Tarnanen, Päivi Häkkinen, Merja Kauppinen, Anne Martin and Pasi Nieminen
Bridges 2016 Pages 97–104
Combinatorial Poppies
Karl Kattchee and Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2016 Pages 111–118
The Conformal Hyperbolic Square and Its Ilk
Chamberlain Fong
Bridges 2016 Pages 179–186
Not only Art but also Rocket Science
S.J. Spencer
Bridges 2016 Pages 203–208
Fractal Gaskets: Reptiles, Hamiltonian Cycles, and Spatial Development
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2016 Pages 217–224
Dancing Math: Teaching and Learning in the Intersection of Aesthetic and Mathematical Literacy
Paul Moerman
Bridges 2016 Pages 269–276
Koch-Like Fractal Images
Vince J. Matsko
Bridges 2016 Pages 293–300
Colors and Incomputability
Donald Spector
Bridges 2016 Pages 337–344
Strictly Coding: Connecting Mathematics and Music through Digital Making
Pam Burnard, Zsolt Lavicza and Carrie Anne Philbin
Bridges 2016 Pages 345–350
A Bridges Center for Mathematical Connections in Art and Science
Sujan Shrestha and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2016 Pages 351–354
Constructing Meaning Through Making and Creating
Gail Tang and Alan Tollefson
Bridges 2016 Pages 355–358
Prime Portraits
Zachary Abel
Bridges 2016 Pages 359–362
A New Algorithm for Rendering Kissing Schottky Groups
Kento Nakamura and Kazushi Ahara
Bridges 2016 Pages 367–370
Generalized Brunes Stars and System of Pythagorean Triples
Dmitri Kozlov
Bridges 2016 Pages 379–382
Knight Mazes
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2016 Pages 383–386
Mathematikon: A Mathematical Shopping Center
Bianca Violet and Andreas Matt
Bridges 2016 Pages 387–390
Lights Out Animations
Robert Bosch
Bridges 2016 Pages 391–394
Gödel, Escher, Bach: Just Another Braid
Hans Kuiper and Walt van Ballegooijen
Bridges 2016 Pages 403–406
Representational Random Walks
Max Grusky
Bridges 2016 Pages 427–430
Mathematics Meets Cinema: La Figure de la Terre
Osmo Pekonen and Axel Straschnoy
Bridges 2016 Pages 461–464
A Successful Art&Math Exhibition with Workshops II
Gisèle De Meur and Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2016 Pages 473–476
Chladni Figures Revisited: A Peek Into The Third Dimension
Martin Skrodzki, Ulrich Reitebuch and Konrad Polthier
Bridges 2016 Pages 481–484
L-System Nomographs: Aesthetics to Calculation
Leif Roschier and Ron Doerfler
Bridges 2016 Pages 485–488
Texturing Coloured Images in Black and White
Hank Guss
Bridges 2016 Pages 493–496
The Golden Ratio and the Diagonal of the Square
Gabriele Gelatti
Bridges 2016 Pages 501–502
Polygon Spirals
Nick Mendler
Bridges 2016 Pages 507–510
Pattern Design Using Cellular Automata and Iterative Relocation System
Jae Kyun Shin and Seung Ryul Choi
Bridges 2016 Pages 511–514
The Math and Art of Folded Books
Sharol Nau and Richard Nau
Bridges 2016 Pages 515–518
Two Non-Octave Tunings by Heinz Bohlen: A Practical Proposal
Reilly Smethurst
Bridges 2016 Pages 519–522
Repeating Fractal Patterns with 4-Fold Symmetry
Douglas Dunham and John Shier
Bridges 2016 Pages 523–524
The Pentagonal Numbers Meet the Choose-4 Numbers
James Morrow
Bridges 2016 Pages 529–532
Pointillist Graphing of Iterated Function Systems
Risto A. Paju
Bridges 2016 Pages 533–536
Plane-filling Curves on Transitive Grids
Jörg Arndt and Julia Handl
Bridges 2016 Pages 537–540
The Fourth Dimension in Mathematics and Art
Jean Constant
Bridges 2016 Pages 541–544
Teaching Combinatorics with “Poly-Universe”
Eleonóra Stettner and György Emese
Bridges 2016 Pages 553–556
Spelunking Adventure VI: An Equal Tempered Icosahedral Scale
Curtis Palmer
Bridges 2016 Pages 557–560