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Results: Category "education" (Page 5)

Great Books, Poetry and Mathematics
Emily Grosholz
Bridges 2017 Pages 339–342
3D Printing in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom
Patrick Honner
Bridges 2017 Pages 351–354
Math Creations - A Math-Art Competition
Bianca Violet, Chiquira Wagner and Ekaterina Eremenko
Bridges 2017 Pages 355–358
A Temari Permutation Sampler
Debra K. Borkovitz
Bridges 2017 Pages 363–366
Constructing Mini-tools for Tessellations
Loe Feijs, Jun Hu, Mathias Funk, Mayra Goevaerts, Teun Keusters and Caro Van Kessel
Bridges 2017 Pages 395–398
Algorithmic Aesthetics: Redefining Traditional Islamic Art
Carol Bier
Bridges 2017 Pages 419–422
Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind
Stacy Speyer
Bridges 2017 Pages 439–442
Listening to the Logistic Map
Andrea Capozucca, Marco Fermani and Simone Giorgini
Bridges 2017 Pages 443–446
Using African Designs in Virtual Manipulatives for Geometrical Concept Development
Philip Collett and Catherina Steyn
Bridges 2017 Pages 455–458
Constructing Deltahedra from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Weiling He, Chengde Wu and Ergun Akleman
Bridges 2017 Pages 459–462
Shaping Poems -- with Visual Forms and Counting
Jo Anne Growney
Bridges 2017 Pages 471–474
Obtaining Four Main Animation Cycles Using an Extremely Limited Set of Poses
Ergun Akleman, Derya Akleman, Ioannis Pavlidis and Pradeep Buddharaju
Bridges 2017 Pages 479–482
Designing Skeletal Polyhedral Sculptures Inspired by Octet-Truss Systems and Structural Inorganic Chemistry with Bugle Beads
Chia-Chin Tsoo and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2017 Pages 483–486
Visualizing Math Art Activities at the GameLab
Sujan Shrestha
Bridges 2017 Pages 495–498
Triaxial Weaving for Complex Repeat Patterns and Tessellations
Mary Klotz
Bridges 2017 Pages 503–506
The Discovery and Application of the Protogon’s Spiral
Andrew Smith
Bridges 2017 Pages 519–522
Dancing Rope and Braid Into Being: Whole-body Learning in Creating Mathematical/ Architectural Structures
Susan Gerofsky, Eva Knoll and James Forren
Bridges 2017 Pages 523–530
Collaboration in Creating The Mathematical Poem
Carol Dorf
Bridges 2017 Pages 531–532
From Rabbit Ears to Origami Flowers: Triangle Centers and the Concept of Function
Alan Russell
Bridges 2017 Pages 533–538
Omnidirectional Robot Construction at the Math Class
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ákos Vecsei, Diego Lieban, Zsolt Lavicza, Hogul Park and Gábor Vecsei
Bridges 2017 Pages 539–546
Creating Polyhedra with Snapology
Faye Goldman
Bridges 2017 Pages 547–552
The Magic of Anamorphosis in Elementary and Middle School
Marina Barreto and Diego Lieban
Bridges 2017 Pages 553–556
Star Origami
Joy Hsiao
Bridges 2017 Pages 557–562
The Aesthetics of Colour in Mathematical Diagramming
Eva Knoll, Tara Taylor, Wendy Landry, Paul Carreiro, Katie Puxley and Karyn Harrison
Bridges 2017 Pages 563–570
How to Use Vector Theory to Write a Story
Cynthia Clay
Bridges 2017 Pages 571–572
Folding the Dragon Curve Fractal
Natalija Budinski and Miroslav Novta
Bridges 2017 Pages 573–578
Thinking Visually: Triangles as Units of Area
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2017 Pages 579–582
Playing in the Lux Dimension
Michael Acerra
Bridges 2017 Pages 583–588