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Satellite Ballet by Flower Constellations
Daniele Mortari
Bridges 2005 Pages 381–382 Computers, Mathematics and Art
Phillip Kent
Bridges 2005 Pages 383–384
Mathematical Models of Gothic Structures
Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez-Beitia
Bridges 2005 Pages 385–392
Donald Coxeter: The Man who Saved Geometry
Siobhan Roberts
Bridges 2005 Pages 393–402
Symmetric Linear Constructions in Motion
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2005 Pages 403–410
Coxetering Crystals
Marjorie Senechal
Bridges 2005 Pages 411–418
Two Results Concerning the Zome Model of the 600-Cell
David A. Richter
Bridges 2005 Pages 419–426
Fractal Tilings Based on Dissections of Polyhexes
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2005 Pages 427–434
Mosaic Art: from Pebbles to Pixels
Irene Rousseau
Bridges 2005 Pages 435–442
Serial Polar Transformation Motifs Revisited
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2005 Pages 443–448
Orderly Tangles Revisited
George W. Hart
Bridges 2005 Pages 449–456
Factor Group Transformations on Escher Patterns
Joshua Jacobs
Bridges 2005 Pages 457–462
Symmetrical Hamiltonian Manifolds on Regular 3D and 4D Polytopes
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2005 Pages 463–472
Coxeter and the Artists: Two-Way Inspiration, Part 2
Doris Schattschneider
Bridges 2005 Pages 473–480
Polyhedral Transformation: Explosion-Implosion
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2005 Pages 481–488
Some New Tilings of the Sphere with Congruent Triangles
Robert J. MacG. Dawson
Bridges 2005 Pages 489–496
H.S.M. Coxeter and Tony Bomford's Colored Hyperbolic Rugs
Douglas Dunham
Bridges 2005 Pages 497–504
Paper Polylinks
George W. Hart
Bridges 2005 Pages 505–508
A Thousand Cranes and Statistics
Cheryl Whitelaw
Bridges 2005 Pages 509–510
A Method for Illustrating Border and Wallpaper Patterns
Gwen L. Fisher
Bridges 2005 Pages 511–518
Tessellation Techniques
Stefanie Mandelbaum and Jacqueline S. Guttman
Bridges 2005 Pages 519–520
Connecting Gross-motor Movement, Dance, and Mathematics in the Elementary Curriculum
Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford
Bridges 2005 Pages 521–522
A Physical Proof for Five and Only Five Regular Solids
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2005 Pages 523–528
Playing Mathematics and Doing Music
John Belcher
Bridges 2005 Pages 529–530
Dynamic Geometry/Art in Mathematics Classroom
Mara Alagic and Diana Palenz
Bridges 2005 Pages 531–535
Collaboration on the Integration of Sculpture and Architecture in The Eden Project
Peter Randall-Page
Bridges 2006 Pages 1–8
The Work of Foster and Partners Specialist Modelling Group
Brady Peters and Xavier DeKestellier
Bridges 2006 Pages 9–12
The Borromean Rings - A Tripartite Topological Relationship
Louis H. Kauffman
Bridges 2006 Pages 13–18
Cultural Insights from Symmetry Studies
Dorothy K. Washburn and Donald W. Crowe
Bridges 2006 Pages 19–24
Non-Euclidean Symmetry and Indra's Pearls
Caroline Series and David Wright
Bridges 2006 Pages 25–32
Love, Understanding, and Soap Bubbles
Simon Thomas
Bridges 2006 Pages 33–40
Creating Penrose-type Islamic Interlacing Patterns
John Rigby
Bridges 2006 Pages 41–48
Steve Reich's Clapping Music and the Yoruba Bell Timeline
Justin Collannino, Francisco Gómez and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2006 Pages 49–58
Illuminating Chaos - Art on Average
Mike Field
Bridges 2006 Pages 59–60
Bridging the gap - a Search for a Braid Language
Jacqui Carey
Bridges 2006 Pages 61–68
Magic Stars and Their Components
Sergei Zagny
Bridges 2006 Pages 69–72
Introducing the Precious Tangram Family
Stanley Spencer
Bridges 2006 Pages 73–78
Sand Drawings and Gaussian Graphs
Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Perouz Taslakian and Godfried T. Toussaint
Bridges 2006 Pages 79–88
Symmetric Characteristics of Traditional Hawaiian Patterns: a Computer Model
Tony Cao and Jin-Ho Park
Bridges 2006 Pages 89–96
Circle Folded helices
Bradford Hansen-Smith
Bridges 2006 Pages 97–104
The Taming of Roelofs Polyhedra
Frits Göbel
Bridges 2006 Pages 105–108
A Program to Interpolate (and Extrapolate) between Turtle Programs
Ken Kahn
Bridges 2006 Pages 109–114
The Programmer as Poet
Russell Jay Hendel
Bridges 2006 Pages 115–116
Minkowski Sums and Spherical Duals
John M. Sullivan
Bridges 2006 Pages 117–122
Polygon Foldups in 3D
Kate Mackrell
Bridges 2006 Pages 123–130
Portraits of Groups
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2006 Pages 131–134
A New Use of the Basic Mathematical Idea of Twelve-Tone Music
Ward Douglas Maurer
Bridges 2006 Pages 135–136
A Braided Effort: A Mathematical Analysis of Compositional Options
James Mai and Daylene Zielinski
Bridges 2006 Pages 137–144
On a Family of Symmetric, Connected and High Genus Sculptures
Ergun Akleman and Cem Yuksel
Bridges 2006 Pages 145–150
Affine Regular Pentagon Sculptures
Douglas G. Burkholder
Bridges 2006 Pages 151–152