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Results: Category "all" (Page 33)

Legerdemain: Exploring Tessellation with CatsEye
Douglas Easterly
Bridges 2016 Pages 663–666
Similarity Drawn Freehand
Teresa Downard
Bridges 2016 Pages 667–672
How to Draw Perspective Directly on a 3D Plane
Tomás García Salgado
Bridges 2016 Pages 673–680
Mathematical and Physical Properties of Rope Made for Decorative Purposes
Alexander Åström and Christoffer Åström
Bridges 2016 Pages 681–688
Numbers with Personality
Alice Major
Bridges 2017 Pages 1–8
HyperRogue: Playing with Hyperbolic Geometry
Eryk Kopczyński, Dorota Celińska and Marek Čtrnáct
Bridges 2017 Pages 9–16
Crooked Houses: Visualizing the Polychora with Hyperbolic Patchwork
Taneli Luotoniemi
Bridges 2017 Pages 17–24
Sculptural Forms Based on Radially-developing Fractal Curves
Robert Fathauer
Bridges 2017 Pages 25–32
Non-euclidean Virtual Reality I: Explorations of H³
Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, Elisabetta Matsumoto and Henry Segerman
Bridges 2017 Pages 33–40
Non-euclidean Virtual Reality II: Explorations of H² ✕ E
Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, Elisabetta Matsumoto and Henry Segerman
Bridges 2017 Pages 41–48
Invertible Infinity: A Toroidal Fashion Statement
Ellie Baker and Charles Wampler
Bridges 2017 Pages 49–56
DNA-inspired Basketmaking: Scaffold-Strand Construction of Wireframe Sculptures
James Mallos
Bridges 2017 Pages 57–62
Making Math Visible
George Hart and Elisabeth Heathfield
Bridges 2017 Pages 63–70
Interwoven Islamic Geometric Patterns
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2017 Pages 71–78
Magnetic Sphere Constructions
Henry Segerman and Rosa Zwier
Bridges 2017 Pages 79–86
An Algorithmic Approach to Obtain Generalized 2D Meander-Patterns
Saied Zarrinmehr, Ergun Akleman, Mahmood Ettehad, Negar Kalantar, Alireza Borhani Haghighi and Shinjiro Sueda
Bridges 2017 Pages 87–94
Fun with Integer Sequences
Kerry Mitchell
Bridges 2017 Pages 95–102
A Survey of Symmetry Samplers
Susan Goldstine
Bridges 2017 Pages 103–110
New Kinds of Fractal Patterns
Douglas Dunham and John Shier
Bridges 2017 Pages 111–116
Homage to Eva Hild
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2017 Pages 117–124
Artwork Inspired by Dual Dodecahedra and Icosahedra
Stephen Wassell and Mark Reynolds
Bridges 2017 Pages 125–130
Natural Color Symmetry
Frank A. Farris
Bridges 2017 Pages 131–138
Let the Numbers Do the Walking: Generating Turtle Dances on the Plane from Integer Sequences
Adam Colestock
Bridges 2017 Pages 139–146
Obtaining the H and T Honeycomb from a Cross-Section of the 16-cell Honeycomb
Hideki Tsuiki
Bridges 2017 Pages 147–152
Art of Infinity
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2017 Pages 153–158
A Geometrical Representation and Visualization of Möbius Transformation Groups
Kento Nakamura and Kazushi Ahara
Bridges 2017 Pages 159–166
Geometric Factors and the Well Dressed Solids of Archimedes
Stan Spencer
Bridges 2017 Pages 167–174
A General Method for Building Topological Models of Polyhedra
Mircea Draghicescu
Bridges 2017 Pages 175–182
A Peg Solitaire Font
Taishi Oikawa, Kazuaki Yamazaki, Tomoko Taniguchi and Ryuhei Uehara
Bridges 2017 Pages 183–188
Modelling Seashells Shapes and Pigmentation Patterns: Experiments with 3D Printing
Francesco de Comité
Bridges 2017 Pages 189–196
Hopeless Love and Other Lattice Walks
Tom Verhoeff and Koos Verhoeff
Bridges 2017 Pages 197–204
Aspects of Symmetry in Bobbin Lace
Veronika Irvine and Frank Ruskey
Bridges 2017 Pages 205–212
Hidden Beauty in Penrose Tiling: Weavings & Lace
Douglas Burkholder
Bridges 2017 Pages 213–220
Versatile Genius: A Case Study Intersecting Math, Science, Art, and California's National Parks
Leslie Love Stone and Christopher S. Brownell
Bridges 2017 Pages 221–228
Tuti Inter-Weaving
Abdalla Ahmed and Oliver Deussen
Bridges 2017 Pages 229–236
Flowsnake Earth
Jacob Rus
Bridges 2017 Pages 237–244
Inter-transformability II
John Hiigli and Stephen Weil
Bridges 2017 Pages 245–252
Kissing Rings, Bracelets, Roses and Canadian Magnetic Coins: Circle Packing with Ferrite Block Magnets and Magnetic Sheet
Maria Victoria Canullo, Veronika Irvine and Robin Linhope Willson
Bridges 2017 Pages 253–260
A Mathematics and Digital Art Course
Vincent J. Matsko
Bridges 2017 Pages 261–268
Conics from Polygons: The Chord Ratio Construction
Scott Vorthmann, David Hall and David Richter
Bridges 2017 Pages 269–276
Zometool Tribute to Fabien Vienne at Bridges Finland 2016
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2017 Pages 277–282
The Artful Kaleidoscopes of the Circular and Spherical Bells
Carlos Puente
Bridges 2017 Pages 283–290
Dichromatic Dances
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2017 Pages 291–298
The Golden Ratio: How Close Is Close Enough?
Lisa Lajeunesse
Bridges 2017 Pages 299–304
Seeing and Hearing the Eigenvectors of a Fluid
Aaron Jones, Joann Kuchera-Morin and Theodore Kim
Bridges 2017 Pages 305–312
On Infinite Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2017 Pages 313–320
Combinatorics in the Art of the Twentieth Century
Lali Barrière
Bridges 2017 Pages 321–328
Morphing TSP Art
David Swart
Bridges 2017 Pages 329–334
3D Printed Tours
Robert Bosch
Bridges 2017 Pages 335–338
Great Books, Poetry and Mathematics
Emily Grosholz
Bridges 2017 Pages 339–342