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Results: Category "all" (Page 35)

The Magic of Anamorphosis in Elementary and Middle School
Marina Barreto and Diego Lieban
Bridges 2017 Pages 553–556
Star Origami
Joy Hsiao
Bridges 2017 Pages 557–562
The Aesthetics of Colour in Mathematical Diagramming
Eva Knoll, Tara Taylor, Wendy Landry, Paul Carreiro, Katie Puxley and Karyn Harrison
Bridges 2017 Pages 563–570
How to Use Vector Theory to Write a Story
Cynthia Clay
Bridges 2017 Pages 571–572
Folding the Dragon Curve Fractal
Natalija Budinski and Miroslav Novta
Bridges 2017 Pages 573–578
Thinking Visually: Triangles as Units of Area
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2017 Pages 579–582
Playing in the Lux Dimension
Michael Acerra
Bridges 2017 Pages 583–588