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Visualizing Escape Paths in the Mandelbrot Set
Anne M. Burns
Bridges 2006 Pages 511–516
The Math of Art: Exploring Connections between Math and Color Theory
Amina Buhler-Allen
Bridges 2006 Pages 517–520
Celtic Knotwork and Knot Theory
Patricia Wackrill
Bridges 2006 Pages 521–524
Islamic Art: An Exploration of Patterns
Carol Bier
Bridges 2006 Pages 525–532
In Search of Demiregular Tilings
Helmer Aslaksen
Bridges 2006 Pages 533–536
Tribute to the Atomium
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2006 Pages 537–540
RHYTHMOS: An Interactive System for Exploring Rhythm from the Mathematical and Musical Points of View
Jakob Teitelbaum and Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2006 Pages 541–548
Spidron Domain: The Expanding Spidron Universe
Dániel Erdély and Marc Pelletier
Bridges 2006 Pages 549–550
An Introduction to Medieval Spherical Geometry for Artists and Artisans
Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2006 Pages 551–560
Fabric Sculpture - Jacob's Ladder
Louise Mabbs
Bridges 2006 Pages 561–568
Eva Hild: Topological Sculpture from Life Experience
Nat Friedman
Bridges 2006 Pages 569–572
Interdisciplinary Bridges: A Novel Approach for Teaching Mathematics
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2006 Pages 573–578
Concerning the Geometrical in Art
Clifford Singer
Bridges 2006 Pages 579–580
Knot Designs from Snowflake Curves
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2006 Pages 581–584
Asymmetry in Persian Symmetrical Art and Architecture
Hourieh Mashayekh and Hayedeh Mashayekh
Bridges 2006 Pages 585–586
Cultural Statistics and Instructional Designs
Darius Zahedi
Bridges 2006 Pages 587–594
Musical Scales, Integer Partitions, Necklaces, and Polygons
David Rappaport
Bridges 2006 Pages 595–598
1927: Two Processes of Creating Form in Music
Veryan Weston
Bridges 2006 Pages 599–604
On Mathematics, Music and Autism
Ioan James
Bridges 2006 Pages 605–610
Mathematics Investigations in Art-Based Environments
Mara Alagic and Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2006 Pages 611–616
Moving Beyond Geometric Shapes: Other connections between Mathematics and the Arts for Elementary-grade Teachers
Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford
Bridges 2006 Pages 617–624
A Geometric Inspection of Pennsylvanian Dutch Hex Signs
Evan G. Evans and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2006 Pages 625–630
Creating Sliceforms with 3D Modelers
Stephen Luecking
Bridges 2006 Pages 631–638
Paper Sculptures with Vertex Deflection
Tevfik Akgün, Ahmet Koman and Ergun Akleman
Bridges 2006 Pages 639–640
Understanding the Mathematics Based Formulation on Dome Tessellation in Architect Skinan's Mosques Design
Zafer Sagdic, Mujdem Vural and Gokce Tuna Taygun
Bridges 2006 Pages 641–644
Mandala and 5,6 and 7-fold Division of the Circle
Paul F. Stang
Bridges 2006 Pages 645–646
Mathematical Book Forms for Teachers
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2006 Pages 647–648
The Aréte of Line Designs
Michael Round
Bridges 2006 Pages 649–650
The Plato Bead: A Bead Dodecahedron
Laura Shea
Bridges 2006 Pages 651–654
Building Simple and Not So Simple Stick Models
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2006 Pages 655–660
Topological Mesh Modeling
Ergun Akleman and Vinod Srinivasan
Bridges 2006 Pages 661–662
Vermeer's "The Music Lesson" in Modular Perspective
Tomás García-Salgado
Bridges 2006 Pages 663–664
Zellij Multipuzzle
Jean Marc Castera
Bridges 2006 Pages 665–666
Modular Kirigami
George W. Hart
Bridges 2007 Pages 1–8
Some Monohedral Tilings Derived From Regular Polygons
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2007 Pages 9–14
Composite Diffusion Limited Aggregation Paintings
Gary R. Greenfield
Bridges 2007 Pages 15–20
Symmetry and Structure in Twist-Hinged Dissections of Polygonal Rings and Polygonal Anti-Rings
Greg N. Frederickson
Bridges 2007 Pages 21–28
Imaginary Gardens - A Model for Imitating Plant Growth
Anne M. Burns
Bridges 2007 Pages 29–36
Allahverdi Khan Bridge (Si-O-Seh Pol) of Esfahan, An Example of Art and Mathematics
Hourieh Mashayekh and Hayedeh Mashayekh
Bridges 2007 Pages 37–38
Light, Movement and 3D - Light images Viewed as Photographs
Jack Tait
Bridges 2007 Pages 39–46
Spiral Developable Sculptures of Ilhan Koman
Tevfik Akgün, Irfan Kaya, Ahmet Koman and Ergun Akleman
Bridges 2007 Pages 47–52
"Gödel, Escher, Bach", in other Eras
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2007 Pages 53–58
Mathematics and Symmetry: A Bridge to Understanding
Gail Kaplan
Bridges 2007 Pages 59–66
A Proposal for the Classification of Mathematical Sculpture
Ricardo Zalaya Báez
Bridges 2007 Pages 67–74
The Spirograph and Beyond
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2007 Pages 75–80
Entwined Circular Rings
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2007 Pages 81–90
2D and 3D Animation Using Rotations of a Jordan Curve
Peter Hamburger, Edit Hepp and Richard Wartell
Bridges 2007 Pages 91–98
Mathematical Models for Binarization and Ternarization of Musical Rhythm
Francisco Gómez, Imad Khoury, Jörg Kienzle, Erin McLeish, Andrew Melvin, Rolando Pérez-Fernández, David Rappaport and Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2007 Pages 99–108
Portraits of Groups II, Orientation Reversing Actions
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2007 Pages 109–114
Baskets for the Mathematics Classroom
S. Louise Gould
Bridges 2007 Pages 115–122