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Math into Metaphor
Alice Major
Bridges 2013 Pages 511–514
Making Waves: Visualizing Fluid Flows
Wout Zweers, Valerie Zwart and Onno Bokhove
Bridges 2013 Pages 515–518
Creating Art as a Catalyst for Making Meaningful, Personal Connections to Mathematics
J. Brooke Ernest and Ricardo Nemirovsky
Bridges 2013 Pages 519–522
Google Earth: Mathematical Art Forms
Mara Alagic and Glyn Rimmington
Bridges 2013 Pages 523–526
Edge Color Patterns in the Bead Truncated Icosahedron
Laura Shea
Bridges 2013 Pages 527–530
Point Symmetric Ribbon Patterns using a Hexagonal Motif from M.C. Escher
David Reimann
Bridges 2013 Pages 531–534
Minimalism, Math, and Biology
Bojana Ginn
Bridges 2013 Pages 535–538
How Do Symmetries Come To Children, and Vice Versa?
Barbora Kamrlova
Bridges 2013 Pages 539–542
Dances of Heavenly Bodies: Dance, N-body Choreographies, and Change Ringing
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2013 Pages 543–546
Adding it all Up: Building the National Museum of Mathematics
Cindy Lawrence
Bridges 2013 Pages 547–550
Visualizing 3-Dimensional Manifolds
Dugan J. Hammock
Bridges 2013 Pages 551–552
Adventures on the Borderland of Mathematics and Arts: the Kaposvár University's “CrossBorderScience” Project (2011-2012)
Kristóf Fenyvesi and Eleonóra Stettner
Bridges 2013 Pages 553–554
Poly-Twistor by 3D printer: Classification of 3D Tori
Akio Hizume, Yoshikazu Yamagishi and Shoji Yotsutani
Bridges 2013 Pages 555–558
On the Question of Meter in African Rhythm: A Quantitative Mathematical Assessment
Godfried Toussaint
Bridges 2013 Pages 559–562
International Judging System of Figure Skating: A Middle Grades Activity on Decimal Operations
Diana Cheng
Bridges 2013 Pages 563–566
Uncertainty of Structure, Quantity, and Space as our Reality
Irene Rousseau
Bridges 2013 Pages 567–570
Hexagons and Their Inner World
Dániel Erdély
Bridges 2013 Pages 571–572
Aesthetic Appeal of Magic Squares
Russell Jay Hendel
Bridges 2013 Pages 573–574
The Mathematics and Art of Spirals Workshop
Ann Hanson
Bridges 2013 Pages 575–578
Mat Weaving: Towards the Möbius Band
Eva Knoll, Wendy Landry and Tara Taylor
Bridges 2013 Pages 579–586
A Fun Approach to Teaching Geometry and Inspiring Creativity
Ioana Browne, Michael Browne, Mircea Draghicescu, Cristina Draghicescu and Carmen Ionescu
Bridges 2013 Pages 587–592
Workshop: Make Your Own MP3 with “Algorhythmic” Generation and Aksak—Euclidean Synthesis
Mehmet Vurkaç
Bridges 2013 Pages 593–596
A Workshop on N-regular Polygon Torus using 4D frame
Ho-Gul Park
Bridges 2013 Pages 597–600
Poetry in conversation with mathematics
Carol Dorf
Bridges 2013 Pages 601–602
Printing by Rolling Möbius Band Stencils: Glide Reflection Embodied in Physical Action
Simon Morgan
Bridges 2013 Pages 603–610
Hearing the Drum of the Rhythm
John Belcher and Terrence Blackman
Bridges 2013 Pages 611–618
Flipbook Polyhedra
Andrea Hawksley and Scott Duke Kominers
Bridges 2013 Pages 619–624
Alberti's Window: Projective Geometry as the Geometry of Vision
Ricardo Nemirovsky and J. Brooke Ernest
Bridges 2013 Pages 625–628
RaM - Recycle and Mathematics: the Art of Tiling for Eco-design
Alessandra Capanna and Marcella Giulia Lorenzi
Bridges 2013 Pages 629–634
Orbifold and Cut
Vi Hart
Bridges 2013 Pages 635–638
A Fractal Wallhanging
Jay Kappraff
Bridges 2013 Pages 639–642
Salvador Dalí and the Fourth Dimension
Thomas F. Banchoff
Bridges 2014 Pages 1–10
Bubbles and Tilings: Art and Mathematics
Frank Morgan
Bridges 2014 Pages 11–18
How to Crochet a Space-Filling Pancake: the Math, the Art and What Next
Hinke M. Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf
Bridges 2014 Pages 19–26
Modular Duotone Weaving Design
Abdalla G. M. Ahmed
Bridges 2014 Pages 27–34
The Planar Space Groups of Mamluk Patterns
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2014 Pages 35–42
People and Computers Agree on the Complexity of Small Art
Peter Boothe and Jonathan Langke
Bridges 2014 Pages 43–50
Top-ology: A Torque About Tops
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2014 Pages 51–58
Torus Knots with Polygonal Faces
Chern Chuang and Bih-Yaw Jin
Bridges 2014 Pages 59–64
Math + (A)rt at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
Dallas Clement
Bridges 2014 Pages 65–72
Stripey Squares
Kelly Delp
Bridges 2014 Pages 73–78
The Art of Random Fractals
Douglas Dunham and John Shier
Bridges 2014 Pages 79–86
Some Hyperbolic Fractal Tilings
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2014 Pages 87–94
Two Solutions to An Unsolvable Problem: Connecting Origami and GeoGebra in A Serbian High School
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Natalija Budinski and Zsolt Lavicza
Bridges 2014 Pages 95–102
An Indoor Alternative to Stereographic Spherical Panoramas
Chamberlain Fong
Bridges 2014 Pages 103–110
Sangaku-Japanese Mathematics and Art in 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries
Hidetoshi Fukagawa and Kazunori Horibe
Bridges 2014 Pages 111–118
Flamenco music and its Computational Study
Francisco Gómez, Jose Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Emilia Gómez and Joaquin Mora
Bridges 2014 Pages 119–126
Recursive Rosettes
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2014 Pages 127–134
Geometry Ascending a Staircase
George Hart
Bridges 2014 Pages 135–142
The quaternion group as a symmetry group
Vi Hart and Henry Segerman
Bridges 2014 Pages 143–150