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Results: Category "perception\culture" (Page 2)

The Integrated Scale Desirability Function: A Musical Scale Consonance Measure Based on Perception Data
Richard J. Krantz and Jack Douthett
Bridges 2006 Pages 183–190
Responsive Visualization for Musical Performance
Robyn Taylor, Pierre Boulanger and Daniel Torres
Bridges 2006 Pages 223–230
The Necessity of Time in Perception of Three Dimensions: A Preliminary Inquiry
Michael Mahan
Bridges 2006 Pages 231–236
The Math of Art: Exploring Connections between Math and Color Theory
Amina Buhler-Allen
Bridges 2006 Pages 517–520
Cultural Statistics and Instructional Designs
Darius Zahedi
Bridges 2006 Pages 587–594
On Mathematics, Music and Autism
Ioan James
Bridges 2006 Pages 605–610
Light, Movement and 3D - Light images Viewed as Photographs
Jack Tait
Bridges 2007 Pages 39–46
"Gödel, Escher, Bach", in other Eras
Dirk Huylebrouck
Bridges 2007 Pages 53–58
The Pentagram: From the Goddess to Symplectic Geometry
Elisa Prato
Bridges 2007 Pages 123–126
The Ideal Vacuum: Visual Metaphors for Algebraic Concepts
Jessica K. Sklar
Bridges 2007 Pages 241–246
Shape, Time and Chemistry: Some Platonic Meditations
Farzad Mahootian
Bridges 2007 Pages 287–288
Lessons in Duality and Symmetry from M.C. Escher
Doris Schattschneider
Bridges 2008 Pages 1–8
Mathematical Beauty in Architecture
Huib Koman, Stephan Luijks and and Arno Pronk
Bridges 2008 Pages 55–62
Systematic Approaches to Color Interaction: Limited Palettes for Simultaneous Contrast Effects
James Mai
Bridges 2008 Pages 71–78
The Brachistochrone Problem between Euclidean and Hyperbolic
Robert Smits
Bridges 2008 Pages 87–92
Interactive 3D Simulation of Escher-like Impossible Worlds
E.M. Orbons and Zs. Ruttkay
Bridges 2008 Pages 201–208
Diffusion Processes and Light Installations: Mathematics, Visualisation, and Perception
Mike Kostner, Arjan Kuijper and and Franz Schubert
Bridges 2008 Pages 265–272
Porter’s Golden Section, Experimentally
Chris Bartlett and D Huylebrouck
Bridges 2008 Pages 319–326
Perspective Drawings of Lattices
Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Hop David
Bridges 2008 Pages 327–332
Painting the Total Picture
Dick Termes
Bridges 2008 Pages 363–368
Mathematical Eyes on Intercultural Communication Processes
Mara Alagic and Glyn Rimmington
Bridges 2008 Pages 441–444
Ternary Codes in Psychology, Culture, and Art: Information Roots
Vladimir Petrov and Lidia Mazhul
Bridges 2008 Pages 445–448
Artistic ideas regarding ‘Print Gallery’ by M.C. Escher
André Génard
Bridges 2008 Pages 449–452
Spatial Anisotropy in Aesthetic Impression of Simple Color Arrangement Patterns
Toshihiro Bando
Bridges 2008 Pages 489–490
Aesthetically Pleasing Azulejo Patterns
Russell Hendel
Bridges 2009 Pages 115–122
Talking About Math/Art: The Long Pause
Bathsheba Grossman
Bridges 2009 Pages 301–302
This Equation is Art
Peter Smith
Bridges 2009 Pages 317–318
A Myriad Shades of Green
Liselott Flodén, Anders Holmbom, Marianne Olsson and Jens Persson
Bridges 2009 Pages 329–330
Chaos – The Movie
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2009 Pages 345–346
Chaos, Complexity, and Creativity
Krystyna Laycraft
Bridges 2009 Pages 355–362
Perspectives on Perspective
Duncan Melville and Sarah Melville
Bridges 2009 Pages 389–394
Visual and Logical Beauty in Mathematics
László Lovász
Bridges 2010 Pages 2–2
Compositional Constraints of Simultaneous Color Contrast: Toward a Classification of Types
James Mai
Bridges 2010 Pages 59–66
Vasarely's Work—Invitation to Mathematical and Combinatorial Visual Games
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan
Bridges 2010 Pages 127–134
Using Mathematics in Art
Michael Field
Bridges 2010 Pages 191–198
Art with a Double Meaning
István Orosz
Bridges 2010 Pages 239–246
Aesthetic and Mathematical Research: A Comparism with two Examples
Tim Boykett
Bridges 2010 Pages 359–362
The K5 Graph Turned into a Golden Pyramid
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2010 Pages 463–466
Seeing with the Mind: from the Matrix into the Cloud
Pedro Campos and Ana Isabel Portugal
Bridges 2010 Pages 471–474
The Visualization of Flow
Joel Varland
Bridges 2010 Pages 503–504
Anamorphic, Kaleidoscopic and Sculptural Mirror Reflections
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2010 Pages 509–510
20 Seconds Into the Future: Narrative Space for Maths Motivations
Tim Boykett, Tina Auer and Andreas Mayrhofer
Bridges 2011 Pages 435–438
Painting in Geometric Key
Liviu Stoicoviciu, Gheorghe Samoilă, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 455–458
Fractal Aesthetics in Geometrical Art Forms
Vincenzo Iorfida, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 467–470
The Art of Manual Stone Carving as a Leap to Its Virtual Future
Jacques Beck
Bridges 2011 Pages 501–504
Symmetry, Marks and Meaning: Observations from Brand Identity Design
J.L. Marsden and B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2011 Pages 519–522
Adventure of a Simple Circle (in the Jungle of My Mind)
Evangelina Sousa
Bridges 2011 Pages 573–576
Science, Art, Beauty, the Meaning of Life, and the James Webb Telescope
John Mather
Bridges 2012 Pages 1–8
To Trace a Creative Thought
Brian Evans
Bridges 2012 Pages 443–446
The Immersive Bridge Between Math and Art
John Miller
Bridges 2012 Pages 493–494