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Results: Category "perception\culture" (Page 3)

The Creative Process: Risk-taking in an Interdisciplinary Honors Course
Heather Pinson and Monica VanDieren
Bridges 2012 Pages 515–518
The Beauty of Equations
Robert Crease
Bridges 2013 Pages 19–26
Territories of Color: Towards a New Model of Simultaneous Color Contrast
James Mai
Bridges 2013 Pages 233–240
John Cage Adores a Vacuum
Donald Spector
Bridges 2013 Pages 325–330
Kandinsky, Math Artist?
Karl Kattchee
Bridges 2013 Pages 473–476
People and Computers Agree on the Complexity of Small Art
Peter Boothe and Jonathan Langke
Bridges 2014 Pages 43–50
Random Processes and Visual Perception
Jean Constant
Bridges 2014 Pages 353–356
The Genius as a Characterization of the Creative Spirit in Mathematics and the Arts
Gizem Karaali
Bridges 2014 Pages 413–416
Generating a “3D” Image from One Continuous 2D Curve
Mayer D. Schwartz
Bridges 2014 Pages 445–448
Right-Angle Preference in Impossible Objects and Impossible Motions
Kokichi Sugihara
Bridges 2014 Pages 449–452
Inspire Math-Girls-Women (perhaps with poems)
Jo Anne Growney
Bridges 2015 Pages 463–466
The Shapes of Our Souls and Other Student Concerns: Poems about the Course “Mathematics in Literature”
Marion Deutsche Cohen
Bridges 2015 Pages 511–514
Hearing Math and Seeing Music: a Workshop on Pitch Perception and Temperament
Evelyn Lamb
Bridges 2015 Pages 581–584
World as Numbers: Living in an Algorithmic Culture
Raine Koskimaa
Bridges 2016 Pages 9–14
Artefacts to Enhance Geometrical Thinking
Zekeriya Karadag
Bridges 2016 Pages 173–178
Dancing Math: Teaching and Learning in the Intersection of Aesthetic and Mathematical Literacy
Paul Moerman
Bridges 2016 Pages 269–276
Colors and Incomputability
Donald Spector
Bridges 2016 Pages 337–344
Constructing Meaning Through Making and Creating
Gail Tang and Alan Tollefson
Bridges 2016 Pages 355–358
Thoughts on Generative Art
David Chappell
Bridges 2016 Pages 449–452
The “Dual Nature” of the Point
János Szász Saxon
Bridges 2016 Pages 595–596
Crooked Houses: Visualizing the Polychora with Hyperbolic Patchwork
Taneli Luotoniemi
Bridges 2017 Pages 17–24
Flowsnake Earth
Jacob Rus
Bridges 2017 Pages 237–244
Dichromatic Dances
Karl Schaffer
Bridges 2017 Pages 291–298
The Golden Ratio: How Close Is Close Enough?
Lisa Lajeunesse
Bridges 2017 Pages 299–304
Math Creations - A Math-Art Competition
Bianca Violet, Chiquira Wagner and Ekaterina Eremenko
Bridges 2017 Pages 355–358
Algorithmic Aesthetics: Redefining Traditional Islamic Art
Carol Bier
Bridges 2017 Pages 419–422
Nebula: Live Dynamic Projection Mapping via Object Saliency
Sara Greenberg, Audrey G. Chung and Alexander Wong
Bridges 2017 Pages 431–434
Listening to the Logistic Map
Andrea Capozucca, Marco Fermani and Simone Giorgini
Bridges 2017 Pages 443–446
Using African Designs in Virtual Manipulatives for Geometrical Concept Development
Philip Collett and Catherina Steyn
Bridges 2017 Pages 455–458
Visualizing Math Art Activities at the GameLab
Sujan Shrestha
Bridges 2017 Pages 495–498
Playing in the Lux Dimension
Michael Acerra
Bridges 2017 Pages 583–588