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Results: Category "art\sculpture" (Page 11)

Not only Art but also Rocket Science
S.J. Spencer
Bridges 2016 Pages 203–208
Planes and Frames: Spatial Layering in Josef Albers' Homage to the Square Paintings
James Mai
Bridges 2016 Pages 233–240
Genera Esfera: Interacting with a Trackball Mapped onto a Sphere to Explore Generative Visual Worlds
Lali Barrière and Anna Carreras
Bridges 2016 Pages 247–254
A Bridges Center for Mathematical Connections in Art and Science
Sujan Shrestha and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2016 Pages 351–354
Constructing Meaning Through Making and Creating
Gail Tang and Alan Tollefson
Bridges 2016 Pages 355–358
Prime Portraits
Zachary Abel
Bridges 2016 Pages 359–362
Polyhedral Tableaux
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2016 Pages 399–402
Gödel, Escher, Bach: Just Another Braid
Hans Kuiper and Walt van Ballegooijen
Bridges 2016 Pages 403–406
Pied de Pulse: Packing Embroidered Circles and Coil Actuators in Pied de Poule (Houndstooth)
Loe Feijs and Marina Toeters
Bridges 2016 Pages 415–418
Digital Mechanics and The Rolling Coin Clock
Bjarne Jespersen
Bridges 2016 Pages 419–422
Bridges as an Incentive to Collaborative Works II
Anusch Bayens, Carlo De Pauw, Carmen Geens, Mark Pieters, André Thomas, Alex Van Bogaert, Samuel Verbiese and Nico Willemsens
Bridges 2016 Pages 423–426
A Fast Algorithm for Creating Turing-McCabe Patterns
Markus Schwehm
Bridges 2016 Pages 431–434
Off the Wall: A Brief Report
Charlene Morrow
Bridges 2016 Pages 439–442
A Rose By Any Other Name...
Gregg Helt
Bridges 2016 Pages 445–448
Thoughts on Generative Art
David Chappell
Bridges 2016 Pages 449–452
Mathematics Meets Cinema: La Figure de la Terre
Osmo Pekonen and Axel Straschnoy
Bridges 2016 Pages 461–464
A Successful Art&Math Exhibition with Workshops II
Gisèle De Meur and Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2016 Pages 473–476
Texturing Coloured Images in Black and White
Hank Guss
Bridges 2016 Pages 493–496
Polygon Spirals
Nick Mendler
Bridges 2016 Pages 507–510
The Math and Art of Folded Books
Sharol Nau and Richard Nau
Bridges 2016 Pages 515–518
Three-Dimensional Score: Seeing Music, Hearing Sculpture
Miika Karttunen and Atte Tenkanen
Bridges 2016 Pages 525–528
The Pentagonal Numbers Meet the Choose-4 Numbers
James Morrow
Bridges 2016 Pages 529–532
Pointillist Graphing of Iterated Function Systems
Risto A. Paju
Bridges 2016 Pages 533–536
The Fourth Dimension in Mathematics and Art
Jean Constant
Bridges 2016 Pages 541–544
Blogging Math Art
Susan Happersett
Bridges 2016 Pages 575–578
Crooked Houses: Visualizing the Polychora with Hyperbolic Patchwork
Taneli Luotoniemi
Bridges 2017 Pages 17–24
Sculptural Forms Based on Radially-developing Fractal Curves
Robert Fathauer
Bridges 2017 Pages 25–32
Invertible Infinity: A Toroidal Fashion Statement
Ellie Baker and Charles Wampler
Bridges 2017 Pages 49–56
DNA-inspired Basketmaking: Scaffold-Strand Construction of Wireframe Sculptures
James Mallos
Bridges 2017 Pages 57–62
Making Math Visible
George Hart and Elisabeth Heathfield
Bridges 2017 Pages 63–70
Interwoven Islamic Geometric Patterns
Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2017 Pages 71–78
Magnetic Sphere Constructions
Henry Segerman and Rosa Zwier
Bridges 2017 Pages 79–86
An Algorithmic Approach to Obtain Generalized 2D Meander-Patterns
Saied Zarrinmehr, Ergun Akleman, Mahmood Ettehad, Negar Kalantar, Alireza Borhani Haghighi and Shinjiro Sueda
Bridges 2017 Pages 87–94
Fun with Integer Sequences
Kerry Mitchell
Bridges 2017 Pages 95–102
A Survey of Symmetry Samplers
Susan Goldstine
Bridges 2017 Pages 103–110
Homage to Eva Hild
Carlo H. Séquin
Bridges 2017 Pages 117–124
Artwork Inspired by Dual Dodecahedra and Icosahedra
Stephen Wassell and Mark Reynolds
Bridges 2017 Pages 125–130
Natural Color Symmetry
Frank A. Farris
Bridges 2017 Pages 131–138
Let the Numbers Do the Walking: Generating Turtle Dances on the Plane from Integer Sequences
Adam Colestock
Bridges 2017 Pages 139–146
Art of Infinity
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2017 Pages 153–158
A Geometrical Representation and Visualization of Möbius Transformation Groups
Kento Nakamura and Kazushi Ahara
Bridges 2017 Pages 159–166
Geometric Factors and the Well Dressed Solids of Archimedes
Stan Spencer
Bridges 2017 Pages 167–174
A General Method for Building Topological Models of Polyhedra
Mircea Draghicescu
Bridges 2017 Pages 175–182
A Peg Solitaire Font
Taishi Oikawa, Kazuaki Yamazaki, Tomoko Taniguchi and Ryuhei Uehara
Bridges 2017 Pages 183–188
Hopeless Love and Other Lattice Walks
Tom Verhoeff and Koos Verhoeff
Bridges 2017 Pages 197–204
Aspects of Symmetry in Bobbin Lace
Veronika Irvine and Frank Ruskey
Bridges 2017 Pages 205–212
Hidden Beauty in Penrose Tiling: Weavings & Lace
Douglas Burkholder
Bridges 2017 Pages 213–220
Versatile Genius: A Case Study Intersecting Math, Science, Art, and California's National Parks
Leslie Love Stone and Christopher S. Brownell
Bridges 2017 Pages 221–228
Flowsnake Earth
Jacob Rus
Bridges 2017 Pages 237–244
Kissing Rings, Bracelets, Roses and Canadian Magnetic Coins: Circle Packing with Ferrite Block Magnets and Magnetic Sheet
Maria Victoria Canullo, Veronika Irvine and Robin Linhope Willson
Bridges 2017 Pages 253–260