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Results: Category "art\sculpture" (Page 8)

African Basketry: Interweaving Art and Mathematics in Mozambique
Paulus Gerdes
Bridges 2011 Pages 9–16
A New Kind of Three-Dimensional Anamorphosis
Francesco De Comité
Bridges 2011 Pages 33–38
A Mad Weave Tetrahedron
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2011 Pages 39–44
Abacaba! – Using a Mathematical Pattern to Connect Art, Music, Poetry and Literature
Mike Naylor
Bridges 2011 Pages 89–96
Photographic Fractal Trees
Robert W. Fathauer
Bridges 2011 Pages 105–112
Sentinels: Sculptures Inspired by the Native Americans' Culture
Jim R. Paulsen and Reza Sarhangi
Bridges 2011 Pages 113–120
Virtual Environment Kit for Visual Arts
Jiří Chmelík and Jiří Sochor
Bridges 2011 Pages 131–138
Rigge Envelopes as Art Inspiration
John Sharp
Bridges 2011 Pages 171–178
Resilient Knots and Links As Form-Finding Structures
Dmitri Kozlov
Bridges 2011 Pages 179–186
Sudoku Art
Tiffany C. Inglis and Craig S. Kaplan
Bridges 2011 Pages 187–194
Warping Pictures Nicely
David Swart
Bridges 2011 Pages 303–310
Geometry as a Source of Inspiration in Contemporary Art
Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 365–372
Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum: A Bridge Between Art and Astronomy?
Kenneth Brecher
Bridges 2011 Pages 379–386
Geometric Structures and Forms as Visual Art Compositions
Daniela Velichová
Bridges 2011 Pages 415–418
A Virtual Installation of Sierpinski Triangle
Mehrdad Garousi and Hamed Akbari
Bridges 2011 Pages 419–422
Creative Circle Design
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2011 Pages 427–430
The Idea of Time, Motion and Dynamism in Art
Daniela Rinaudo, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 443–446
Introduction to Ideal Quilts
Andrzej K. Brodzik
Bridges 2011 Pages 451–454
Painting in Geometric Key
Liviu Stoicoviciu, Gheorghe Samoilă, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 455–458
Futurism, Geometry of “Photodynamism” and Digital Photography
Marcella Giulia Lorenzi, Mauro Francaviglia and Rick Doble
Bridges 2011 Pages 459–462
Geometric Forms that Persist in Art and Architecture
Elisa Conversano, Mauro Francaviglia, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Laura Tedeschini Lalli
Bridges 2011 Pages 463–466
Fractal Aesthetics in Geometrical Art Forms
Vincenzo Iorfida, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi and Mauro Francaviglia
Bridges 2011 Pages 467–470
Malbec, Ornament and Rustication
Gabriel Esquivel
Bridges 2011 Pages 471–474
System of Visual Organization in Graphic Design
Nahid Tootoonchi
Bridges 2011 Pages 485–488
The Eyes Have It: Focal Point Choices and Compositional Geometry in Painting
Chris Bartlett
Bridges 2011 Pages 489–492
Image Generation from Magic Squares
Fang You, Ming Yao and Jianmin Wang
Bridges 2011 Pages 493–496
The Art of Manual Stone Carving as a Leap to Its Virtual Future
Jacques Beck
Bridges 2011 Pages 501–504
Designing Sculptures Inspired by Symmetric High-Genus Fullerenes with Mathematical Beading
Chern Chuang, Bih-Yaw Jin and Chia-Chin Tsoo
Bridges 2011 Pages 523–526
Conjecture and Proof: A Case of Shifting Identities in Raphael's School of Athens
Katherine Smith Abbott and Stephen Abbott
Bridges 2011 Pages 527–530
Using the Golden Ratio in Multimedia Installations – Seeking for Beauty
Ana Isabel Portugal and Pedro Campos
Bridges 2011 Pages 547–550
A Group Theory Approach to (re)Constructing Sol LeWitt's Drawing Series IV, #413
Charlene Morrow and James Morrow
Bridges 2011 Pages 563–566
Transition of Matière feature of Claude Monet's Paintings Analyzed by Wavelet Transform and Co-occurrence matrix
Toshihiro Bando, Kenichiro Nishida and Yasunari Sasaki
Bridges 2011 Pages 567–570
Image Processing with Mathematica 8
Bruce Torrence
Bridges 2011 Pages 571–572
Adventure of a Simple Circle (in the Jungle of My Mind)
Evangelina Sousa
Bridges 2011 Pages 573–576
Animation of Object-Oriented Program Execution
Peter Boothe and Sandro Badame
Bridges 2011 Pages 585–588
SPHERES + CUBES = x^n+y^n+z^n = 0
William F. Duffy
Bridges 2011 Pages 609–612
Mary Wahr
Bridges 2011 Pages 617–620
Alabaster Sculpture Workshops
Nicholas Durnan
Bridges 2011 Pages 637–638
Exploring the Arts with Mathematica
Christopher Carlson
Bridges 2011 Pages 639–640
Mathematical Modeling of Cartoon Images and Other Objects
M.G. Marques and M. Pires
Bridges 2011 Pages 659–664
The Magical Power of Our Eye: A Student Centered Approach to Building Bridges between Mathematics and Art
Gail Kaplan and Chris Bartlett
Bridges 2011 Pages 685–692
Developing Mathematical Tools to Investigate Art
Ingrid Daubechies
Bridges 2012 Pages 9–16
Celebrating Mathematics in Stone and Bronze: Umbilic Torus NC vs SC
Helaman Ferguson and Claire Ferguson
Bridges 2012 Pages 17–24
Bringing M. C. Escher's Planaria to Life
George Hart
Bridges 2012 Pages 57–64
Sculpture Inspired by Connectivity in Nature
William F. Duffy
Bridges 2012 Pages 125–132
Broadening the Palette for Bobbin Lace: A Combinatorial Approach
Veronika Irvine
Bridges 2012 Pages 191–198
Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sánchez-Beitia
Bridges 2012 Pages 215–222
Moorish Fretwork Revisited
Paul Tucker
Bridges 2012 Pages 223–230
Simple Rules for Incorporating Design Art into Penrose and Fractal Tiles
San Le
Bridges 2012 Pages 259–266
Juan Gris' Compositional Symmetry Transformations
James Mai
Bridges 2012 Pages 283–290