Bridges 2014

Seoul, Korea
14–19 August 2014
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Front Matter
The Editors
Salvador Dalí and the Fourth Dimension
Thomas F. Banchoff
Pages 1–10
Bubbles and Tilings: Art and Mathematics
Frank Morgan
Pages 11–18
How to Crochet a Space-Filling Pancake: the Math, the Art and What Next
Hinke M. Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf
Pages 19–26
Modular Duotone Weaving Design
Abdalla G. M. Ahmed
Pages 27–34
The Planar Space Groups of Mamluk Patterns
B. Lynn Bodner
Pages 35–42
People and Computers Agree on the Complexity of Small Art
Peter Boothe and Jonathan Langke
Pages 43–50
Top-ology: A Torque About Tops
Kenneth Brecher
Pages 51–58
Torus Knots with Polygonal Faces
Chern Chuang and Bih-Yaw Jin
Pages 59–64
Math + (A)rt at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
Dallas Clement
Pages 65–72
Stripey Squares
Kelly Delp
Pages 73–78
The Art of Random Fractals
Douglas Dunham and John Shier
Pages 79–86
Some Hyperbolic Fractal Tilings
Robert W. Fathauer
Pages 87–94
Two Solutions to An Unsolvable Problem: Connecting Origami and GeoGebra in A Serbian High School
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Natalija Budinski and Zsolt Lavicza
Pages 95–102
An Indoor Alternative to Stereographic Spherical Panoramas
Chamberlain Fong
Pages 103–110
Sangaku-Japanese Mathematics and Art in 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries
Hidetoshi Fukagawa and Kazunori Horibe
Pages 111–118
Flamenco music and its Computational Study
Francisco Gómez, Jose Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Emilia Gómez and Joaquin Mora
Pages 119–126
Recursive Rosettes
Paul Gailiunas
Pages 127–134
Geometry Ascending a Staircase
George Hart
Pages 135–142
The quaternion group as a symmetry group
Vi Hart and Henry Segerman
Pages 143–150
The Meta-golden Ratio Chi
Dirk Huylebrouck
Pages 151–158
Constructing Drawings of Impossible Figures with Axonometric Blocks and Pseudo-3D Manipulations
Tiffany Inglis
Pages 159–166
The Design of a Reconfigurable Maze
Craig S. Kaplan
Pages 167–174
Geometric Study of Architectural Designs on a Twelfth Century Structure
Mahsa Kharazmi and Reza Sarhangi
Pages 175–182
Symmetry Groups of Islamic Patterns at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Glenn R. Laigo, Haftamu Menker GebreYohannes and Fahad Mohammed Humaid Al Khamisi
Pages 183–190
The Kinochoron: A Manipulable Wire Model of the 16-cell
Taneli Luotoniemi
Pages 191–196
Juan Gris' Color Symmetries
James Mai
Pages 197–204
Color, Texture, and Geometry
Vincent J. Matsko
Pages 205–210
Lattice Labyrinth Tessellations
David Mitchell
Pages 211–218
From Mathematical Diagrams to Knotted Textiles
Nithikul Nimkulrat and Janette Matthews
Pages 219–224
Regular Surfaces and Regular Maps
Faniry Razafindrazaka and Konrad Polthier
Pages 225–234
Elevations and Stellations
Rinus Roelofs
Pages 235–242
Decorating Regular Polyhedra Using Historical Interlocking Star Polygonal Patterns — A Mathematics and Art Case Study
Reza Sarhangi
Pages 243–252
Dancing Deformations
Karl Schaffer
Pages 253–260
“LEGO®” Knots
Carlo H. Séquin and Michelle Galemmo
Pages 261–270
Three Mathematical Views of In C
Donald Spector
Pages 271–278
Creating Self Similar Tiling Patterns and Fractals using the Geometric Factors of a Regular Polygon
Stanley Spencer
Pages 279–284
closed loops with antiprisms
Melle Stoel
Pages 285–292
What is a Pattern?
Eva R. Toussaint and Godfried T. Toussaint
Pages 293–300
Toss and Spin Juggling State Graphs
Harri Varpanen
Pages 301–308
Lobke, and Other Constructions from Conical Segments
Tom Verhoeff and Koos Verhoeff
Pages 309–316
Preservice Elementary Teachers: Creative Thinking, Pedagogy and MathArt Projects
Mara Alagic
Pages 317–320
Sinan's Screens: Networks of Intersecting Polygons in Ottoman Architecture
Carol Bier
Pages 321–324
Game-of-Life Mosaics
Robert Bosch and Julia Olivieri
Pages 325–328
Inversive Kaleidoscopes and their Visualization
Vladimir Bulatov
Pages 329–332
Visualizing Affine Regular, Area-Preserving Decompositions of Irregular 3D Pentagons and Heptagons
Douglas G. Burkholder
Pages 333–336
Taking a Point for a Walk: Pattern Formation with Self-Interacting Curves
David Chappell
Pages 337–340
Three Color “2 : 1 : 1” Designs
Darrah Chavey
Pages 341–344
An Introduction to Leaping Iterated Function Systems
Mingjang Chen
Pages 345–348
Cardioidal Variations
Francesco De Comité
Pages 349–352
Random Processes and Visual Perception
Jean Constant
Pages 353–356
Color Symmetry in the Hand Woven Mats of the Jama Mapun
Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Peñas, Agnes Garciano and Debbie Marie Verzosa
Pages 357–360
Common Threads between Mathematics and Quilting
Elaine Ellison
Pages 361–364
The Beauty of an Archetype: Prime Numbers
Carla Farsi and Fabio Rovai
Pages 365–368
Design of a nature-like fractal celebrating warp knitting
Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters, Jun Hu and Jihong Liu
Pages 369–372
Michelle Galemmo and Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 373–376
Capturing Eight-Color Double-Torus Maps
Susan Goldstine
Pages 377–380
Target Curves for Pick-up, Carry, and Drop Mobile Automata
Gary Greenfield
Pages 381–384
Mathematical Sequences and Artists' Books
Susan Happersett
Pages 385–388
A Plane-Filling Curve Using Ammann A5 Tiles
Richard Hassell
Pages 389–392
Homages to Geraldo de Barross
John Hiigli
Pages 393–396
Voronoi Phyllotaxis Tiling on Fermat Spiral
Akio Hizume, Takamichi Sushida and Yoshikazu Yamagishi
Pages 397–400
Drawing with Elliptical Arcs
Hartmut F. W. Höft
Pages 401–404
Hyperbolic Tilings with Truly Hyperbolic Crochet Motifs
Joshua Holden and Lana Holden
Pages 405–408
Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry: Divergence Patterns of Sinusoidal Vector Fields
Judy Holdener and Marie Snipes
Pages 409–412
The Genius as a Characterization of the Creative Spirit in Mathematics and the Arts
Gizem Karaali
Pages 413–416
Engaging Groups with Large-Scale Construction Events
Cindy Lawrence
Pages 417–420
Korean Seon (Zen) and Mathematical Visual Poetry
Kaz Maslanka
Pages 421–424
Non-periodic Tiles Based on Ammann Set A2 Tiles
Chirag Mehta
Pages 425–428
Java Runes
Mike Naylor
Pages 429–432
Complex Polynomial Mandalas and their Symmetries
Konstantin Poelke, Zoi Tokoutsi and Konrad Polthier
Pages 433–436
Adding Emotion to a Mathematics Book with Pop Song Poetry
Helen Prochazka, Maurice Murphy and Adrian Jacobson
Pages 437–440
Art and Symmetry of Scottish Carved Stone Balls
David A. Reimann
Pages 441–444
Generating a “3D” Image from One Continuous 2D Curve
Mayer D. Schwartz
Pages 445–448
Right-Angle Preference in Impossible Objects and Impossible Motions
Kokichi Sugihara
Pages 449–452
Nonspherical Bubble Clusters
John Sullivan
Pages 453–456
Seeing a Fundamental Theorem
Bruce Torrence
Pages 457–460
Making Sunshine: A First Geometric Sculpture
Eve Torrence
Pages 461–464
Emergent Spirograph-like Patterns from Artificial Swarming
Jito Vanualailai
Pages 465–468
Forms from Minkowski Triples of Circles
Daniela Velichová
Pages 469–472
Fractional Beauty
Harrie Welles
Pages 473–476
Rhythm Similarity and Symbolic Dynamics
Terrence Richard Blackman and John Belcher
Pages 477–478
The Entropy of K-Pop songs
Daeun Cheong, Jaewon Cheong, Mi Ju Kim, Jae Hee Park and Jeong Mi Park
Pages 479–480
On Colouring Sequences of Digital Roots
Gabriele Gelatti
Pages 481–482
Amazing Labyrinths, Further Developments IV
Samuel Verbiese
Pages 483–484
A Playful Geometry Workshop: Creating 3D Polyhedral Structures from Innovative 2D Self-Assembling Paper Folding Units
Tamir Ashman
Pages 485–492
The Mathematics behind the Art of the Death Spiral
Diana Cheng and Tetyana Berezovski
Pages 493–496
A Binary Dance Workshop
Andrea Hawksley
Pages 497–502
From Sangaku Problems to Mathematical Beading: A Hands-on Workshop for Designing Molecular Sculptures with Beads
Kazunori Horibe, Bih-Yaw Jin and Chia-Chin Tsoo
Pages 503–508
A Workshop on Making Klein Bottle using 4D Frame
Ho-Gul Park
Pages 509–514
Loopy Dances
Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern
Pages 515–518
Universal Magic Cube: A Hands-on Workshop for Closed Cubic Kaleidoscopes with Infinite Reflections
Takaaki Sonoda and Minori Yamazaki
Pages 519–524
Geometric Constructions of Korean Danchong Patterns and Building Platonic Solids
Kyongil Yoon, Hyunkyung Kim and Reza Sarhangi
Pages 525–532