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Results: Category "geometry" (Page 5)

The Geometry of Asian Trousers
Penelope Woolfitt
Bridges 2007 Pages 427–430
Building Models to Transition from Dimension to Dimension
Robert McDermott
Bridges 2007 Pages 433–440
Exploring Cubes Woven on the Skew
Felicity Wood
Bridges 2007 Pages 441–444
From Folding and Cutting to Geometry and Algorithms: Integrating Islamic Art into the Mathematics Curriculum
Carol Bier
Bridges 2007 Pages 453–458
Zome Workshop
Paul Hildebrandt
Bridges 2007 Pages 459–464
The Sculpture Manifold: A Band from a Surface, a Surface from a Band
Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke M. Osinga and and Benjamin Storch
Bridges 2008 Pages 9–14
Hankin’s ‘Polygons in Contact’ Grid Method for Recreating a Decagonal Star Polygon Design
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2008 Pages 21–28
Connected Holes
Rinus Roelofs
Bridges 2008 Pages 29–38
The Borromean Rings: A Video about the New IMU Logo
Charles Gunn and John M. Sullivan
Bridges 2008 Pages 63–70
Building a Möbius Bracelet Using Safety Pins: A Problem of Modular Arithmetic and Staggered Positions
Eva Knoll
Bridges 2008 Pages 79–86
The Brachistochrone Problem between Euclidean and Hyperbolic
Robert Smits
Bridges 2008 Pages 87–92
Pull-up Patterned Polyhedra: Platonic Solids for the Classroom
E.B. Meenan and B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2008 Pages 109–116
A Sangaku Revived
Zsófia Ruttkay
Bridges 2008 Pages 155–162
A Computer Aided Geometric Model of a Ten-Plane Polyhedral Transformation
Robert McDermott and Will Hawkins
Bridges 2008 Pages 171–178
The Maths of Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Temples
Jenny Gage
Bridges 2008 Pages 195–200
Procedural Generation of Sculptural Forms
George W. Hart
Bridges 2008 Pages 209–218
Edge-Based Intersected Polyhedral Paper Sculptures Constructed by Interlocking Slitted Planar Pieces
Jace Miller and Ergun Akleman
Bridges 2008 Pages 259–264
Interactive Demonstrations with Mathematica 6
Sándor Kabai
Bridges 2008 Pages 273–280
A Closer Look at Jamnitzer's Polyhedra
Albert van den Broeke and Zsófia Ruttkay
Bridges 2008 Pages 281–288
A Fractal Crystal Comprised of Cubes and Some Related Fractal Arrangements of other Platonic Solids
Robert W. Fathauer, Hank Kaczmarski and and Nicholas Duchnowski
Bridges 2008 Pages 289–296
Some Interesting Observations Regarding the Spidrons
Dániel Erdély and Walt van Ballegooijen
Bridges 2008 Pages 333–340
A “Circle Limit III” Backbone Arc Formula
Douglas Dunham and Luns Tee
Bridges 2008 Pages 341–346
Cosmati Pavements: The Art of Geometry
Tristram de Piro
Bridges 2008 Pages 369–376
Four Bar Linkages
Paul Gailiunas
Bridges 2008 Pages 381–384
The Tangramoid: Recent Developments
Samuel Verbiese
Bridges 2008 Pages 385–388
TENSEGRITIES: Design, Analysis and Constructing
Jan W. Marcus
Bridges 2008 Pages 389–392
Can Geometry Create Art?
András Bezdek
Bridges 2008 Pages 405–408
The Art of Equations
Lin Hsin Hsin
Bridges 2008 Pages 413–416
Mathematical Secrets of Seven
Susan McBurney
Bridges 2008 Pages 417–420
A Geometric Model Applied To Urban Order
Cristina Argumedo and Mª Francisca Blanco Dora Giordano and Miriam Pisonero
Bridges 2008 Pages 425–428
Polyhedra with Equilateral Heptagons
Marcel Tünnissen
Bridges 2008 Pages 433–436
Triblock Origami Spheroid Workshops
Keh-Ming Lu, Alan S Tsaur and and Feng-Tse Chuang
Bridges 2008 Pages 437–440
Using D-Forms to Create a Calder Type Mobile
Eva Knoll, John Sharp and and Roger Tobie
Bridges 2008 Pages 457–458
Some Regular Toroids
Lajos Szilassi
Bridges 2008 Pages 459–460
Juno's Spinner Truncated Icosahedron
Junichi Yananose
Bridges 2008 Pages 461–462
Hammam: Bath House, an Ancient Heritage in Iran
Hourieh Mashayekh and Hayedeh Mashayekh
Bridges 2008 Pages 469–470
Shape and Transformations
Marcela Carolina Franco
Bridges 2008 Pages 471–472
Projecting Mathematical Curves with Laser Light: A Tribute to Ptolemy
Merrill Lessley and Paul Beale
Bridges 2008 Pages 483–484
Using Turtles and Skeletons to Display the Viewable Sphere
David Swart
Bridges 2009 Pages 39–46
Art and Nonlinear Projection
John Brosz, Sheelagh Carpendale, Faramarz Samavati, Hao Wang and Alan Dunning
Bridges 2009 Pages 105–114
Marking a Physical Sphere with a Projected Platonic Solid
Carolyn Yackel
Bridges 2009 Pages 123–130
Coloring Uniform Honeycombs
Glenn Laigo, Ma. Louise Antonette N. De las Peñas and René Felix
Bridges 2009 Pages 131–138
The Unique Eleven-Pointed Star Polygon Design of the Topkapı Scroll
B. Lynn Bodner
Bridges 2009 Pages 147–154
Counterchange Patterns and Polyhedra
B.G. Thomas
Bridges 2009 Pages 177–182
Using Polyhedral Stellations for Creation of Organic Geometric Sculptures
Vladimir Bulatov
Bridges 2009 Pages 193–198
Polyhedra Through the Beauty of Wood
Robert Rollings
Bridges 2009 Pages 199–206
Regular 3D Polygonal Circuits of Constant Torsion
Tom Verhoeff and Koos Verhoeff
Bridges 2009 Pages 223–230
A Group Portrait on a Surface of Genus Five
Jay Zimmerman
Bridges 2009 Pages 259–264
Spidronised Space-Fillers
Walt van Ballegooijen, Paul Gailiunas and Dániel Erdély
Bridges 2009 Pages 271–278
ZenArt, graphic geometrical modules
André Génard
Bridges 2009 Pages 319–320