The Bridges Archive

Welcome to the Bridges Archive, an online repository of every paper ever published in the annual Bridges Conference on art and mathematics. Click on the years in the sidebar on the left to view the papers for that year.


15 July 2018: If you are reading this message, it means that the archive now contains 2018 papers! Share and enjoy.
1 July 2017: Following tradition, Canada Day is also Archive Update Day. The Archive now contains all materials for Bridges 2017. I have also upgraded a lot of the technology under the hood. Most of the changes should be invisible on this site, but will streamline the production of the proceedings and the online Archive this year and in the future. There is one visible change: from 2009 onward, papers are clearly labelled as being "regular", "short", or "workshop".
1 July 2016: Happy Canada day! The Archive now includes all materials for Bridges 2016. Thanks as always to Robert Craig for his assistance preparing the abstracts for the 2016 papers.
30 October 2015: Papers from 2009 onward now include ZIP files containing author-provided supplementary files that were originally included on the CD-ROM.
1 July 2015: The Archive now includes papers for 2015.
8 November 2014: The search page has been updated to include all paper categories for 2014.
1 July 2014: The Archive is has been updated to include all Bridges 2014 papers. Many other adjustments and improvements have been incorporated. The most obvious changes are a new search page that replicates the functionality of our old Proceedings Index, and the reordering of the years in the sidebar from most to least recent.

Additional information

The Bridges Archive was created in 2013 by Craig S. Kaplan. It builds upon the considerable efforts of Robert Craig and Simon Luhur, who created the Bridges Proceedings Index Search web page and maintained it from 1998 until 2007. Thanks especially to Robert Craig for a significant amount of data entry in preparing old papers for the Archive. Thanks also to Nathan Selikoff for suggesting the Bootstrap website template, and to Robert Fathauer and Reza Sarhangi for providing bibliographic publishing information for old proceedings volumes.

  • We have made an effort to guarantee that the bibliographic information associated with papers is as accurate as possible. If you see an error, please contact us (full contact information is available at the main Bridges website).
  • The copyright for all papers remains in the hands of their authors. Bridges does not assert any copyright over the papers it publishes, though it does request the right to make the papers available to the public in the printed proceedings and online.
  • Papers published prior to 2005 do not survive in electronic form. We are providing electronic copies of these papers scanned from the printed proceedings. If you are the author of one of these papers and would like to replace the scanned version with a native PDF, please contact us.