Bridges 2020

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Front Matter
The Editors
Non-Euclidean Billiards in VR
Jeff Weeks
Pages 1–8
Unveiling the Invisible — Mathematical Approaches for Virtual Image Restoration in the Arts
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Pages 9–10
Mirror Symmetry Collages in Folded Paper
Paul Jackson
Pages 11–16
Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
Daina Taimina
Pages 17–18
Adapter Tiles Evolves the Girih Tile Set
Lars Eriksson
Pages 19–26
Near-miss Star Patterns
Paul Gailiunas
Pages 27–34
3D Aperiodic Girih Tiles
Sam Moradzadeh and Ahad Nejad Ebrahimi
Pages 35–40
From Computer to Compass: Analysis and Reconstruction of a Self-Similar Islamic Geometric Pattern at Madrassa Madar-i-Shah
Phil Webster
Pages 41–48
A Method for Creating Dendritic Fractal Tiles
Robert Fathauer
Pages 49–56
Everted Embeddings
Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 57–66
Dancing the Quaternions
Karl Schaffer
Pages 67–74
Creating Non-Euclidean Art with Craft Technologies
Douglas Dunham and Lisa Shier
Pages 75–82
Infinitely Invertible Infinity
Ellie Baker, Daniel Baker, and Charles Wampler
Pages 83–92
Folding Fabric: Fashion from Origami
Uyen Nguyen
Pages 93–102
Knotty Knits are Tangles in Tori
Shashank G Markande and Elisabetta Matsumoto
Pages 103–112
Design of a Sampler of Isohedral Tilings of the Pied-de-poule Tile
Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters, and Fabienne Van der Weiden
Pages 113–120
Topological Classification of Vittorio Giorgini's Sculptures
Daniela Giorgi, Marco Del Francia, Massimo Ferri, and Paolo Cignoni
Pages 121–128
Design of Circular-Arc Curved Creases of Constant Fold Angle
Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, and Klara Mundilova
Pages 129–136
Gauss-Bonnet Sculpting
Edmund Harriss
Pages 137–144
Maximizing the Symmetry of Knots
Peter Alexander Generao and Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 145–152
Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality III: Nil
Rémi Coulon, Elisabetta Matsumoto, Henry Segerman, and Steve Trettel
Pages 153–160
Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality IV: Sol
Rémi Coulon, Elisabetta Matsumoto, Henry Segerman, and Steve Trettel
Pages 161–168
Cardboard Construction of the Sphere by the Stereographic Projection
Maria Garcia Monera
Pages 169–174
Cohomology Fractals
David Bachman, Saul Schleimer, and Henry Segerman
Pages 175–182
Wallpaper Patterns from Nonplanar Chain Mail Links
Frank Farris
Pages 183–190
Generalizations of Truchet Tiles
Kerry Mitchell
Pages 191–198
Domino Steganography
Robert Bosch and Aaron Kreiner
Pages 199–206
Checkerboard Quadrilateral Mosaics
Aaron Kreiner
Pages 207–214
Sgraffito Meets Posterization
Stephen M Campbell and Vincent J. Matsko
Pages 215–222
Wallpaper Patterns for Lattice Designs
Laura Taalman and Carolyn Yackel
Pages 223–230
Hilbert's Portrait via his Space-Filling Curve
Judy Holdener
Pages 231–236
Algorithmic Art with Discrete Dynamical Systems
Sinan Kapçak
Pages 237–242
A Gallery of Gaussian Periods
Ellen Eischen and Stephan Garcia
Pages 243–248
A Transformational Approach to Harmony Improvisation
Meirav Amram, Etan Fisher, Shai Gul, and Uzi Vishne
Pages 249–256
Exploring Noble Polyhedra With the Program Stella4D
Ulrich Mikloweit
Pages 257–264
Combinatorics of Simultaneous Color Contrast
James Mai
Pages 265–272
Two New Combinatoric Poetry Forms: Braided Bellringing PH4 Poems & Anagrammatic, Anglo Saxon-inspired Poems
Susan Gerofsky
Pages 273–280
Single-threaded Polyhedra Models
Mircea Draghicescu
Pages 281–288
Four Mathematical Designs for EGMO 2020, the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad in the Netherlands
Tom Verhoeff
Pages 289–296
Come to STEAM. We have cookies!
Eva Ulbrich, Diego Lieban, Zsolt Lavicza, Renata Vagova, Julia Handl, and Branko Andjic
Pages 297–304
Vector Fields and Paul Klee – A Summer School Course for gifted High-School Students
Martin Skrodzki and Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz
Pages 305–312
Letting Art Teach Aesthetics, Math and Language
Paul Moerman
Pages 313–320
Velimir Khlebnikov's Laws of Time
Martin Skrodzki, Ulrich Reitebuch, Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz, and Konrad Polthier
Pages 321–328
Family Tree of Impossible Objects Created by Optical Illusions
Kokichi Sugihara
Pages 329–336
Combinatorial Figure Generation: An Algorithmic Approach
Conan Chadbourne
Pages 337–344
Labyrinths: Mysteries and Methods
Roger Burrows
Pages 345–352
Spiroplots: a New Discrete-time Dynamical System to Generate Curve Patterns
Casper van Dommelen, Marc van Kreveld, and Jérôme Urhausen
Pages 353–360
The Art and Mathematics of Cycling: Using Old Bicycles to Draw Spirograph Patterns
Nick Sayers
Pages 361–366
Optimizing Morton's Tritangentless Knots for Rolling
Abigail Eget, Stephen K. Lucas, and Laura Taalman
Pages 367–370
Platonicons: The Platonic Solids Start Rolling
Katherine Seaton and David Hirsch
Pages 371–374
Geodesic Cities
David Swart
Pages 375–378
Virus Mechanics: Designing a Physical Model for STEAM Learning
Kacper Dobras, Briony Thomas, and Keith Grehan
Pages 379–382
William Huff's Parquet Deformations: Two Viennese Experiments
Werner Van Hoeydonck
Pages 383–386
Seeing the Symmetric Difference
Bruce Torrence
Pages 387–390
Paths on Three Circles
Helena Verrill
Pages 391–394
Visualizing (Number Theoretic) Functions with Portraits
Donald Spector
Pages 395–398
Grammars of SL Block Construction
Shen-Guan Shih
Pages 399–402
Augmented Reality for Zome Construction
Gouta Hayashi and Hideki Tsuiki
Pages 403–406
Shape Metrics: A Unified Approach to Shape Inversions and Custom Distance Functions
Risto A. Paju
Pages 407–410
Quadrilateral Lace
Susan Happersett
Pages 411–412
Eight Heptagons: The Double Torus Revisited
Susan Goldstine
Pages 413–416
A Trio of Beaded Surfaces
Judy Holdener and Marie Snipes
Pages 417–418
Markov Chains, Coptic Bananas, and Egyptian Tombs: Generating Tablet Weaving Designs Using Mean-Reverting Processes
Joshua Holden
Pages 419–422
The Making of a Willow Trefoil Knot
Hedy Hempe
Pages 423–426
Weaving Paper into Star Patterns
Ulrich Reitebuch, Henriette-Sophie Lipschütz, and Konrad Polthier
Pages 427–430
Reciprocal Polyhedral Forms using Strip Pairs
David Reimann
Pages 431–434
Semi-generalizing Miura-Ori with Divots into Rotationally Symmetric Lampshades with Smooth-Curving Profiles
Jiangmei Wu
Pages 435–438
Perhaps the Plaintive Numbers Flow
Alice Major
Pages 439–442
Ringing the Changes
Stephanie Strickland
Pages 443–446
Poetry in the Lesson of Mathematics
Natalija Budinski and Zsolt Lavicza
Pages 447–450
La La Lab - The Mathematics of Music
Daniel Ramos and Bianca Violet
Pages 451–454
Music Performance in Action: Mathematical Interpretation of Liszt’s Transcendental Études
Nikita Mamedov and Jihong Cai
Pages 455–458
A Mathematical Musical: “Dimensionen in Neukölln”
René M. Broeders and Anna M. Hartkopf
Pages 459–462
A Journey into the Genesis of Related Math-Art Works
Samuel Verbiese
Pages 463–466
Beauty Beyond Perfection: Aesthetic Values in Japanese Art Resonant with Mathematics
Gizem Karaali and Sara Uehara
Pages 467–470
Composite: MoMath’s Intersection of Math and Art
Cindy Lawrence and Tim Nissen
Pages 471–474
Hallå STEAM: Building Bridges Between Mathematics, Arts, and Humanities
Osmo Pekonen and Johan C.-E. Stén
Pages 475–478
AoC | Art of Coding – The Demoscene as Intangible World Cultural Heritage
Andre Kudra
Pages 479–480
Art Speaks Maths, Maths Speaks Art
Ninetta Leone, Simone Parisotto, Katarzyna Targonska-Hadzibabic, Spike Bucklow, Alessandro Launaro, Suzanne Reynolds, and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Pages 481–484
Stimulating the Theatre of the Mind, Diluvio: Teatro delle Ombre
Manuel Báez
Pages 485–488
Concept Images of Infinity in Drawings of Pre-Service Teachers
Liora Nutov and Ariella Levenberg
Pages 489–492
Repeating Patterns from Your Own Culture: the Value of Such an Assignment in a Foundation Class in Mathematical Art and Design
Catherine Hassell Sweatman
Pages 493–496
Metaphors at the Crossings of Mathematics and the Literary Arts
Sanziana Caraman and Lorelei Caraman
Pages 497–500
Move it or Lose it: Derivision, the Discrete Time Derivative of a Video
Markus Juvonen, Saara Lehto, Tuomo Rainio, and Juulia Lahdenperä
Pages 501–506
Bringing Orbifolds out of the Plane: Kaleidoscopes, Gyrations, Wonders, and Miracles
Ben Gould and S. Louise Gould
Pages 507–512
Salsa Rueda Dancing and Mathematics
Christine von Renesse
Pages 513–516
A Two-Dimensional Introduction to Sashiko
Carol Hayes and Katherine Seaton
Pages 517–524
Dürer Machines Running Back and Forth
António Araújo
Pages 525–532
The Whispers of a Window Wing in Istanbul
Serap Ekizler Sönmez
Pages 533–538
Organizing Children and Youth Mathematical Art Exhibits and Interpreting MathArt-works through a Collaborative, Transdisciplinary Practice
Kristóf Fenyvesi, Christopher Brownell, Pamela Burnard, Carine Steyn, Werner Olivier, Pallawi Sinha, Zsolt Lavicza, Saara Lehto, and Kirsi Peltonen
Pages 539–546
Exploring Symmetry Using Aestheometry in Classrooms and Beyond
Stephen Erfle and Katherine Erfle
Pages 547–554