Bridges 2001

Winfield, Kansas, USA
27–29 July, 2001
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Front Matter
The Editors
Symmetries of Culture
Donald W. Crowe
Pages 1–20
Symmetrohedra: Polyhedra from Symmetric Placement of Regular Polygons
Craig S. Kaplan and George W. Hart
Pages 21–28
Curving Spirolaterals
Robert J. Krawczyk
Pages 29–36
Come un meccanismo di precisione: The Third Movement of Ligeti's Second String Quartet
Diane Luchese
Pages 37–46
The Poetry of Infinity
Lorna B. Hanes
Pages 47–54
Antisymmetry and Modularity in Ornamental Art
Ljiljana Radovic and Slavik Jablan
Pages 55–66
Polygons and Chaos
Jay Kappraff and Gary W. Adamson
Pages 67–80
Geometries of Curvature and their Aesthetics
Brent Collins
Pages 81–88
Fractals and Multi-Layer Coloring Algorithms
Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez
Pages 89–94
Fountain of Creation -- Design vs. Meta-Design
Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 95–102
TimeSculpture -- Constructing Social Geometries
John Sims
Pages 103–108
Each Moment a Culmination: The Poetry of Gar Bethel
Daniel F. Daniel
Pages 109–114
A Polyhedral Byway
Paul Gailiunas
Pages 115–122
Flatland, Curved Space: How M.C. Escher Illustrated the History of Geometry
Steven Gimbel
Pages 123–132
Better by the Dozen
C. Hugh Snyder
Pages 133–138
Functional Image Synthesis
Conal Elliott
Pages 139–158
The Use of Ratios in the Player Piano Studies of Conlon Nancarrow
Julie Scrivener
Pages 159–166
Blending Polyhedra with Overlays
Douglas Zongker and George W. Hart
Pages 167–174
Humor and Music in the Mathematics Classroom
J.G. Eberhart
Pages 175–180
On the Construction of Colored Plane Crystallographic Patterns
Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas
Pages 181–192
Finding Fibonacci: An Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Course Based on Mathematical Patterns
Margie Ribble
Pages 193–200
An Interactive Creation of Polyhedra Stellations with Various Symmetries
Vladimir Bulatov
Pages 201–212
The Complexity and Difficulty of a Maze
Michael Scott McClendon
Pages 213–222
The Influence and Use of Music and Mathematics in My Art
Douglas D. Peden
Pages 223–232
Mirror Curves
Slavik Jablan
Pages 233–246
Hyperbolic Islamic Patterns -- A Beginning
Douglas Dunham
Pages 247–254
Mathematics and the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Daniel F. Daniel
Pages 255–260
Some Common Themes in Visual Mathematical Art
Robert W. Fathauer
Pages 261–270
Spectral Light as Sculptured Space
Irene Rousseau
Pages 271–282
Quilted Symmetry
Daniel F. Daniel, Slavik Jablan and Deb Schmidt
Pages 283–298
Study and Application of African Designs for Use in Secondary Education
Anileen Gray and Reza Sarhangi
Pages 299–306
Weaving Beyond Fibonacci
Mary C. Williams
Pages 307–312
Composing Different Tessellation from the Same Elements - Abstract
Imameddin Amiraslanov
Pages 313–317
A Review of the Snake Robotic Research - Abstract
Farshad Barazandeh and Behnam Bahr
Pages 318–318
Polyhedra Plus - Abstract
Rochelle Newman
Pages 319–320
The Alphabet Versus The Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image -Abstract
Leonard Shlain
Pages 321–322
Musical Acoustics and Continued Fractions - Abstract
Richard Krantz and Jack Douthett
Pages 323–323
Making Sense of "Tensegrities" - Abstract
Roger S. Tobie
Pages 324–324
Knots and Multiple Möbius Band Minimal Surfaces - Abstract
Nat Friedman
Pages 325–326
Developing a Validation Principle in Art - Abstract
Clifford Singer
Pages 327–328
Zometool Geometry Workshop - Abstract
George W. Hart
Pages 329–330
Growth: An Architectural Study in Wall Design - Abstract
Lara Pascali and Yuko Watai
Pages 331–331
GeomeTreks: A Mathematical Art Odyssey - Abstract
Ivars Peterson
Pages 332–332
Rhyming Reason: The Incorporation of Mathematics into Nursery Rhymes - Abstract
Tara M. Dunphy
Pages 333–333
Sona Sand Drawings and Permutation Groups - Abstract
Mark D. Schlatter
Pages 334–334
The 3D Illusion of 2D Regular Tessellations - Abstract
Imameddin Amiraslanov
Pages 335–336
Reconstruction of Ornaments - Abstract
Ljiljana Radovic
Pages 337–337
Molecular Sculptures - Abstract
Edgar Meyer and W. John Tollett Jr.
Pages 338–338
The Linear Diophantine Equation in Music Theory - Abstract
Jack Douthett and Richard Krantz
Pages 339–339
Constructing a Piano -- A Key is Provided by Leonhard Euler - Abstract
Robert L. Bailey
Pages 340–340
Is it All About Triangles? - Abstract
Mara Alagic
Pages 341–341
Creating Prelude Music Using Number Patterns - Abstract
Cheryl Whitelaw
Pages 342–342
Mathematical Poetry - Abstract
Kaz Maslanka
Pages 343–344
Teaching a Course on Polyhedra - Abstract
Vincent J. Matsko
Pages 345–345
A Mathematical Look at the 7 Liberal Arts as "Humanities" - Abstract
Stephen Eberhart
Pages 346–346