Bridges 2000

Winfield, Kansas, USA
28–31 July 2000
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Front Matter
The Editors
Symmetry and Ornament
Slavik Jablan
Pages 1–12
Hyperbolic Celtic Knot Patterns
Douglas Dunham
Pages 13–22
"- To Build a Twisted Bridge -"
Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 23–34
Sections Beyond Golden
Peter Steinbach
Pages 35–44
M.C. Escher's Associations with Scientists
J. Taylor Hollist
Pages 45–52
The Art and Science of Symmetric Design
Michael Field
Pages 53–60
Mathematical Building Blocks for Evolving Expressions
Gary R. Greenfield
Pages 61–70
Symbolic Logic with a Light Touch
Charles C. Pinter
Pages 71–78
Subsymmetry Analysis and Synthesis of Architectural Designs
Jin-Ho Park
Pages 79–86
Beyond the Golden Section - the Golden tip of the iceberg
John Sharp
Pages 87–98
Towards a Methodological View on (Computer-Assisted) Music Analysis
Nico Schuler
Pages 99–104
Computer Generated Islamic Star Patterns
Craig S. Kaplan
Pages 105–112
The Subtle Symmetry of Golden Spirals
Alvin Swimmer
Pages 113–118
Nearing Convergence: An Interactive Set Design for Dance
Benigna Chilla
Pages 119–124
Evolutionary Development of Mathematically Defined Forms
Robert J. Krawczyk
Pages 125–132
Spiral Tilings
Paul Gailiunas
Pages 133–140
Musical Composition as Applied Mathematics: Set Theory and Probability in Iannis Xenakis's "Herma"
Ronald Squibbs
Pages 141–152
Number Series as an Expression Model
Elpida S. Tzafestas
Pages 153–160
An Iconography of Reason and Roses
Sarah Stengle
Pages 161–168
The End of the Well-Tempered Clavichord?
W. Douglas Maurer
Pages 169–176
The Generation of the Cube and the Cube as Generator
María Antonia Frías Sagardoy and Ana Belén de Isla Gómez
Pages 177–184
Applications of Fractal Geometry to the Player Piano Music of Conlon Nancarrow
Julie Scrivener
Pages 185–192
Maximally Even Sets
Richard Krantz, Jack Douthett and John Clough
Pages 193–200
On Musical Space and Combinatorics: Historical and Conceptual Perspectives in Music Theory
Catherine Nolan
Pages 201–208
The Millennium Bookball
George W. Hart
Pages 209–216
A Topology for Figural Ambiguity
Thaddeus M. Cowan
Pages 217–224
Synetic Structure
F. Flowerday
Pages 225–230
From the Circle to the Icosahedron
Eva Knoll
Pages 231–238
Uniform Polychora
Jonathan Bowers
Pages 239–246
The Square, the Circle and the Golden Proportion - A New Class of Geometrical Constructions
Janusz Kapusta
Pages 247–254
A Fresh Look at Number
Jay Kappraff and Gary W. Adamson
Pages 255–266
On Growth and Form in Nature and Art: The Projective Geometry of Plant Buds and Greek Vases
Stephen Eberhart
Pages 267–278
Exploring Art with Mathematics and Computer Programming
Alberto López-Santoyo
Pages 279–284
Self-similar Tilings Based on Prototiles Constructed from Segments of Regular Polygons
Robert W. Fathauer
Pages 285–292
Polyhedral Models in Group Theory and Graph Theory
Raymond F. Tennant
Pages 293–300
Generalized Koch Snowflakes
Cheri Shakiban and Janine E. Bergstedt
Pages 301–308
Visualization: From Biology to Culture
Brent Collins
Pages 309–314
What Do you See?
Nathaniel A. Friedman
Pages 315–322
Persian Arts: A Brief Study
Reza Sarhangi
Pages 323–330
Polyhedra, Learning by Building: Design and Use of a Math-Ed Tool
Simon Morgan and Eva Knoll
Pages 331–338
Symmetry and Beauty of Human Faces
Teresa Breyer
Pages 339–346
The Rubik's-Cube Design Problem
Hana M. Bizek
Pages 347–352
Mathematics and Art: Bill and Escher
Michele Emmer
Pages 353–362
Bridges, June Bugs, and Creativity
Daniel F. Daniel and Gar Bethel
Pages 363–368
Saccades and Perceptual Geometry: Symmetry Detection through Entropy Minimization
Hamid Eghbalnia and Amir Assadi
Pages 369–378
Structures: Categorical and Cognitive
Mara Alagić
Pages 379–386
Bridges between Antiquity and the New Turkish Architecture in the 19th Century
Zafer Sagdic
Pages 387–394
Humor and Music in the Mathematics Classroom - Abstract
James G. Eberhart
Pages 395–395
The Development of Integrated Curricula: Connections between Mathematics and the Arts - Abstracts
Virginia Usnick
Pages 396–396
The Golden Ratio and How it Pertains to Art - Abstract
Michael J. Nasvadi and Mahbobeh Vezvaei
Pages 397–397
The Art and Mathematics of Tessellation - Abstract
Travis Ethridge
Pages 398–398
Biological Applications of Symmetry for the Classroom - Abstract
Patrick Ross
Pages 399–399
Exploring Technology in the Classroom - Abstract
Terry Quiett
Pages 400–400
On Visual Mathematics in Art - Abstract
Clifford Singer
Pages 401–402
A Bridge for the Bridges - Abstract
Jason Barnett
Pages 403–404