The Theater of Mathematics and the Mathematics of the Theater - Abstract

Solomon Marcus
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science (1999)
Pages 293–294


Seventy years ago, Buchanan ([1]:175-197) devoted, in his book of poetry and mathematics, tragedy and comedy, taking as starting point the phenomena of "hybrids" and ''nemesis''. In contemporary mathematics, all convergence and limit processes, including continuity, differentiability and integrability too, have a structure of theatrical dialogue, as it was implicitly suggested by Courant & Robbins [2], but already anticipated by Zeno in his famous "Achille and the tortoise" paradox. We have given an explicit presentation of this fact in [8], where we have also shown that important fields of research, such as theory of strategic games, future studies, psychology, planning, political science take advantage from a theatrical vision and from some bold theatrical metaphors. Things happen similarly in linguistics, computer science, narrativity, etc.