Bridges 1998

Winfield, Kansas, USA
28–30 July 1998
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Front Matter
The Editors
Art, Math, and Computers: New Ways of Creating Pleasing Shapes
Carlo H. Séquin
Pages 1–10
Architecture and Mathematics: Art, Music and Science
Kim Williams
Pages 11–20
Finding an Integral Equation of Design and Mathematics
Brent Collins
Pages 21–28
New Directions for Evolving Expressions
Gary R. Greenfield
Pages 29–36
Automatic Interval Naming Using Relative Pitch
David Gerhard
Pages 37–48
Continuum, Broken Symmetry, and More
Charles O. Perry
Pages 49–54
Origami Tessellations
Helena Verrill
Pages 55–68
The Poetics of Mathematics in Music
Pozzi Escot
Pages 69–72
Bridges of Mathematics, Art, and Physics
Douglas D. Peden
Pages 73–82
Chaos Theory and the Fall of the Aztec Empire
Jorge Carrera Bolaños
Pages 83–86
The Mathematics of Steve Reich's "Clapping Music"
Joel K. Haack
Pages 87–92
The Circle: A Paradigm for Paradox
Reza Sarhangi and Bruce D. Martin
Pages 93–112
Let the Mirrors Do the Thinking
Glenn Clark and Shea Zellweger
Pages 113–120
Pythagorean and Platonic Bridges between Geometry and Algebra
Stephen Eberhart
Pages 121–128
Subjective Fidelity and Problems of Measurement in Audio Reproduction
John V.C. Nye
Pages 129–138
Hyperseeing, Hypersculptures and Space Curves
Nat Friedman
Pages 139–156
Problems with Holbein's Ambassadors and the Anamorphosis of the Skull
John Sharp
Pages 157–166
Conveying Large Numbers to General Audiences
Ross McCluney
Pages 167–174
Mathematics and Poetry: Discrepancies within Similarities
Solomon Marcus
Pages 175–180
Spontaneous Patterns in Disk Packings
Boris D. Lubachevsky, Ron L. Graham and Frank H. Stillinger
Pages 181–194
Icosahedral Constructions
George W. Hart
Pages 195–202
Mathematics in Three Dimensional Design: The Integration of Mathematical Thinking into the Design Core
Don R. Schol
Pages 203–208
A Symmetry Classification of Columns
Martin Golubitsky and Ian Melbourne
Pages 209–224
Math and Metaphor
Daniel F. Daniel
Pages 225–236
A Visual Presentation of Rank-Ordered Sets
Mara Alagić
Pages 237–244
Symmetry, Chemistry and Escher's Tiles
Bruce D. Martin and Reza Sarhangi
Pages 245–254
A Taxonomy of Ancient Geometry Based on the Hidden Pavements of Michelangelo's Lurentian Library
Ben Nicholson, Jay Kappraff and Saori Hisano
Pages 255–272
Symmetry, Causality, Mind - Abstract
Michael Leyton
Pages 273–274
Sliceform Sculptures-a Bridge between Art and Mathematics - Abstract
John Sharp
Pages 275–276
Interpersonal Hypothesis and the GUHA Method - Abstract
Jarmila Doubravová
Pages 277–278
Eco-Mathematic/Geometric Aspects of a Design Proposal for Landscape/Public Art - Abstract
Thomas Michael Stephens
Pages 279–280
Traces of the Geometrical Ordering of Roman Florence - Abstract
Carol Martin Watts and Donald J. Watts
Pages 281–281
The Violin Surface Fitting - Abstract
Arun K. Mitra
Pages 282–282
Geometrical Poetry - Abstract
Clifford Singer
Pages 283–286
Geometry as Libera(l)ing Art in Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral - Abstract
Steve Padget
Pages 287–288
Relationships of Science, Mathematics and My Constructive Art: A Personal Survey - Abstract
Thomas Michael Stephens
Pages 289–290
What is the Difference between a Banjo and a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle? Answer: You Can Tune the Harley - Abstract
Daniel Fitzgerald
Pages 291–292